By orilykid - 31/10/2012 17:23 - United States - Richmond

Today, I was cleaning out my roof's gutter, which was full of leaves. There was an especially big pile, and when I started scooping it up, I felt something squishy. Turns out those leaves were covering the remains of a rotting squirrel. I can't stop smelling it. FML
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Looks Like you just found Dinner!!!!

Use that dead squirrel for Halloween decorations. That'll really scare the kids!


Looks Like you just found Dinner!!!!

Typical day in the life of a Midwestern ... NBD

OP is from California.

28- California is in the Mid-West.

My faith in humanity went down -200 reading this thread of stupidity... Thanks penguinbitch... I almost lost my mind...

Lol I know..??? I was saying that in the Midwest ppl experience that all the time. Jeesh ppl why r u hatin so much?

I wonder how it managed to die in there....?

I think that must be the only time the word, "cancer" has made me laugh.

She went nuts?

Maybe it ate a poisonous nut.

We know one thing... Its Not Lupus

Aw poor squirrel! Same thing happened to me with like 3 birds though.

You died in a pile of leaves with three birds? Sound awful.

I'd fall off the roof/ladder when i picked the squirrel up.

Certainly! LOL I hadn't thought of that until I saw your post but you would find me dead in a pile of leaves on the ground some time later...

Seeing something like that would drive me nutty.

You're dead right it would, I think I'd leaf gutter-cleaning to the professionals after a shingle instance of that, maybe give them roofies so they won't remember the day after.

I would've went with 'nuts'.

That's what I meant to say. Couldn't edit in time :(

Yummy! Dinner!!! But on a serious note, that sucks OP. I imagine that smell will stay with you for a while..... Burn incense, that will help get rid of the smell

Incense not necessary. Just sniff coffee grounds.

Use that dead squirrel for Halloween decorations. That'll really scare the kids!

It'll make sure those damn annoying fat kids don't come up to your door asking for candy, that's for sure.

Gotta love cleaning gutters.... Squirrel surprise

Or u could just get lead guard an save urself the hassle and time? Lol

That is true...

At least you didn't find it after you started burning the pile of leaves. The only smell worse than rotting squirrel is burning rotten squirrel.

Shame. What a waste of a tasty squirrel.