Customers from hell

By hexphoenix - 07/04/2015 00:58 - United States - San Francisco

Today, while at my job, a couple became angry with me because I charged them for an extra ranch they'd ordered, as I'm supposed to. When I explained how it says in the menu how any additional sauces are an extra charge, she said nastily, "That's okay, we'll just take it out of your tip". FML
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You should have told her she's lucky you didn't charge her for the spit that would be in her food.

I hate people who act like you should be so, so grateful for their tip.


I hate people who act like you should be so, so grateful for their tip.

A tip is for service rendered, but this couple did suck.

Also people who act like it's the waiter's fault that a restaurant/bar/cafe has some specific rule that they were too stupid to notice.

I love living in a country where tipping isn't a thing.

In my country, you get weird looks from everybody if you tip. Even from the waitresses.

14, I bet she noticed but felt like she could gripe her way out of the extra charge.

Same here #49. Although I do usually tip the pizza delivery guys because they are so underpaid it's not funny.

Actually, most pizza delivery guys make like $4.25 while in the store and $2.25 on the road. So they get paid more even if they're slow. Servers still make $2.13 an if they're slow they still make $2.13.

Same #49, in Scotland you don't tip unless you actually want to, it's optional, and you tip for great service. But yeah, it sucks for them when the waiting staff get shit for the restaurant having set rules, or a **** up kitchen has done somehow becomes the waiting staffs fault.

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People are so rude. They shouldn't get special treatment when it clearly says that extra things cost extra.

You should have told her she's lucky you didn't charge her for the spit that would be in her food.

as funny as her reaction would have been, OP could get fired for a comment like that.

They make it seem like it's your fault, as if you're the one who decided to charge extra. How rude.

Maybe get the manager to take it off for them?

And cater to an asshole customer? No,they were being completely unreasonable, they don't deserve special treatment.

I just meant so they would maybe still give op a good tip.

Op won't get a good tip. If they're assholes enough to cause trouble over dumb shit like this, they're assholes enough to give Op a shitty tip anyway.

Unfortunately, I know what customers like that are like. Chances are, OP wasn't getting a tip anyway.

I wouldn't be surprised if they made a big fuss over nothing on purpose, so that they'd have an excuse not to tip OP well (or at all?). They probably planned it all from the start.

noberg - you dont just give customers discounts because they want them, that would make people think they can force menu items to be cheaper just by complaining. that would be a shitty way to run a business...

well is your job worth some ranch hopefully not so just not and smile and if they come back spit in there food

Definitely not making the trip to the McDonald's you work at, then. Sheesh.

I hate when waiters/waitresses spit in a customers food because the customer was being rude. No you don't deserve to be treated like that, but lowering yourself to do something that may get you fired is also stupid. Plus I don't think anyone deserves to have spit in their food. Be the bigger person; they're probably miserable people anyway and they're not worth getting fired over.

Really, your restaurant is cheap. I choose not to go to restaurants that nickel and dime like that.

It's not the OPs fault for the restaurant policy. Maybe you're privileged enough to work wherever you want but most people can't up and quit their jobs over the policies they have no control over.

15, I'm not sure where you come from, but where I live it's common practice to charge a small amount for extra sauce. Sauce costs money to make/buy so restaurants charge people for extra sauce to cover that cost.

I wasn't saying that the person should quit, just that I wouldn't personally go to that restaurant again.

I know that places like "Buffalo Wild Wings" charges 60 cents for their bleu cheese/ranch if you order their wings.

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@mistress, I'm pretty sure you're the cheap one, not the restaurant in this situation. The last time I checked things aren't free. Why should a restaurant take a hit because someone wants an excessive amount of ranch? Small things add up over time. Apparently you've never ran a business.

if you dont go to a resturant because they charge for you for the food then youre kinda dumb..

if you dont go to a resturant because they charge for you for the food then youre kinda dumb..

Every resteraunt I've gone too gives free sauce as long as you don't go overboard. Maybe it's just Colorado, but I think resteraunts who charge extra for something that should come with the meal are cheap.

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what I don't understand -- they charge for ranch or barbeque sauce and the like, but not ketchup. not salt or pepper. you can get extra mayo but are charged for extra ranch....

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Everywhere I've been, a portion of sauce is already included in the initial price of the dish, and is the customer wants a second, (or more), portion, then it will cost extra. 50 cents might be much for one little portion, but it adds up, soon 50 cents can become $50, just from extra sauce.

It's a business, not a charity. If it costs them money to make, they're going to charge you for it

Where I live, Canada, you're rarely, if ever, charged for extra sauce. I've never been to a restaurant where you're charged for extra sauce. I understand they do it to make money, but as someone mentioned, they don't charge for ketchup either, which is weird. Glad we don't have to be charged for extra sauce here, but I do see why other places do.

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I know a lot of people who own businesses, especially restaurants. My fathers family owns an investment realty company that owns a bunch of rental properties like strip malls, apartment complexes, etc. I live in one of the apartment complexes, which has an underground heated garage. Residents complain about the added 100 dollar cost. Number 1, it's an extra/not a necessity. number 2, it costs to maintain (can't even imagine the cost to heat such a massive garage). 3. They're a business, they want to make money. Another example is that one of my friend's family owns a restaurant where they hand make basically every sauce and salad dressing except for like ketchup and A1 sauce. They give a generous portion, but if people want extra they charge for extra. We don't know what kind of restaurant OP works for. if it's a good quality local restaurant who gets their ingredients locally (like my friends family does), then you shouldn't gripe. If you want extra ranch for free, go to a shitty chain restaurant.

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At a restaurant that doesn't charge for extras, it's probably built into the cost from the start, whether you get it or not. Just like the "but wait, there's more" infomercials. Do you really think you're paying $19.99 for one thing and getting three more free? No. You're paying for it all, they just make it sound like you're getting a deal.

Zaxbys is an awesome place. Too bad you wont eat there.