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  Lord_Rythin  |  0

Exactly. It's idiotic that she would think you'd do that. Plus, if the OP's an adult, or even a teen, do you really think it would look like they're stealing? MOST adults don't steal teddy bears. Except in Ted.

  AllSoul  |  23

In the UK not too long ago, a 16 year old girl was killed on a bus while on her way to school. Some time later CCTV footage was released of a woman who must have been in her late thirties minimum, stealing the flowers from this poor girls grave. Who knows why, but there are some sick, twisted people out there.

By  ttoriiii  |  10

That's terrible, but you have to understand that the mother is in grief and caught you at a bad moment. I'm sure if the places were switched you would have done the same thing.

By  Steffi3  |  40

Why would anyone want to steal from a memorial? I'm sorry she misunderstood you, OP, that sucks.

  Acacia21  |  23

Some people just don't have the same morals as others. A few years back there were some older women taking flowers from gravestones at my local cemetery because they didn't want to buy their own.