By Becoming a commuter. - 04/09/2012 17:14 - United States - Buffalo

Today, I moved into college and met my new roommate. Not fifteen minutes later, she had told me about the fungus on her feet, and what happens when she forgets to take her anti-psychotic medication, all while picking at her nose and eating the spoils. FML
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You should probably try to get a new roommate haha

When will I learn to not eat while reading FMLs?


You should probably try to get a new roommate haha

I hope they let her. Its no fun having to deal with crazy people.

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Don't do that! Now you can become immune to all that shit. It's a win win situation(;

13- OP can start the next evolution in human beings!

Common sense just ain't common any more.

Maybe give it a bit of time. True, she made a horrible first impression, but she might not be as bad as she seems. Or she might be the type that's never in the room. If it's still bad after the first month, then consider switching roommates.

This is EXACTLY why I chose to not live in the dorms.

#13: I don't think it's possible to become immune to a psychotic crazy person.

Don't be silly guys... She made it seem like she was crazy, so she could get a room all to herself, and you are suggesting to give her exactly what she wants! Good strategy if you want to live by yourself

hopsinlove17 26

67- I know, but I was talking about the fungus. Sorry guys:( I take full blame of my flubby brain

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At least OP doesn't have to worry about finding dried up boogers everywhere.

Was just wondering the exact thing!!!!!


Sounds like a fun year for op

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Buy her anti-fungal cream as a roommate-warming gift! Or just switch out.

@saintsrocksocks When they were handing out brains, you thought they said trains and replied "No thanks, I'll wait for mine." But to explain the joke to an uneducated individual, I'll make it simple: Picked a winner is referring to the joke "Pick me a winner," that many people say when someone is picking their nose.

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49- 13 is correctly pointing out that OP did not pick her roommate.

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Oh, 2 how blissfully unaware you are. If only you could pick your room-mates. Then I wouldn't have had to endure two years of a young woman who aspired to be, and I quote, "Like.. Totally like Paris Hilton, or something."

49- I will take no offense to the malicious, verbal assault you have just attacked me with. And if you were curious, I do indeed have a brain.

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Last time I checked, this wasn't a failed marriage ceremony.

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Ask for a new roommate. ( if you can)

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Pretty sure you can't "ask" for one. I think you need to talk to the RA and plead your case

If OP can't get a new roommate, she may want to learn to sleep with her eyes open. And also purchase and install security cameras. Who knows what her roommate will do when she's away!

"She sounds like a fun guy"? Damn, you are one confused person.

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Fun guy... Fungi? Come on, that's funny.

I get the pun, but seriously? Shes not even a guy *facepalm*

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no really? cuz i definetly thought she was a guy.

Oh wow, I'm dense. Sorry about that 5, that was a good one.

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At least you know what to look out for! Surely it can't get any worse?!!

No matter the situation, it can always be worse. For instance, she could like growing poison ivy. Or demand OP to throw out many, many things because if allergies. Or could just be bossy/demanding. Or all three. It can always be worse.

It can get worse, and quit calling me Shirley!

When will I learn to not eat while reading FMLs?

When one day you'll drown your computer or phone in puke-the second being easier !

Well, when else would it be normal to be on FML if you are not eating or using the restroom?!

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Haha. Totally on the toilet while reading that(:

Dude id get a new roomate or request a different room

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Get some lysol and sedatives for her, you'll be fine

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Lysol works like a charm... PENGUIN FRIENDS