By her mom raised her - 17/05/2014 17:30 - Mexico

Today, I had to call a plumber out, because my idiot daughter clogged the pipes while trying to flush a hamburger down the toilet. FML
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Hey, why bother to include the middleman anymore, right?

umm I have a good question why in the world would you flush a hamburger down the toilet??


Hey, why bother to include the middleman anymore, right?

I want to know how old this daughter is. It sounds like something a young child would do and if so, OP is really mean to call her an idiot.

i am guessing that since the mother called her and idiot, she is probably old enough to understand not to flush a hamburger down the toilet

Good eye #35 that was the father's fml lol

Where's a dog when you need one...?

Hopefully not drowning in the toilet trying to eat the hamburger.

I almost choked on my food when I read that.

umm I have a good question why in the world would you flush a hamburger down the toilet??

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Exactly. I could've eaten that! Was that a fat thing to say?

Haha no I would of ate it instead of wasting it to

I learned it from watching you, mom!

Try explaining that to third world kid. Somebody tried to flush their food down a self-refilling bowl of clean water upon which we dedicate.

Anorexic maybe? (im an ex-anorexic, i know the signs)

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If it was pizza she could be trying to get some to the TMNT, but they don't eat hamburgers so I got nothing.

And if she was anorexic, she couldnt use the trash because her parents would see, yup, case closed

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#54- Did you mean "Defecate"?

#68 haha, yeah. Ye old autocorrect hath stricken again.

To hide the evidence. OP's daughter is secretly a hamburglar.

Maybe she was trying to feed all the dead goldfish that get flushed but come back to life in the sewer.

I guess she'd rather clog your plumbing than her arteries! Shame though, she probably missed out on a damn good burger

Well it was going to land up there anyway... One way or the other it's reached its destination

Must be pretty talented and have a well muscled sphincter if your poo lands up!

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So by deductive reasoning, you aren't the OP. Phew glad we got that out of the way

If she flushed a hamburger down the toilet, she is an idiot.

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I will never know why this got so many down votes...

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You say that now, wait until your mad at her.

Am I the only one worrying that maybe, if she's not a little child, the daughter has an eating disorder?

Yes because not everything is a crisis. Maybe she just wasn't hungry, and didn't want to seem ungrateful... Kids (no matter the age) do stupid shit when trying to hide things.

Usually how it works is that they throw up the food....

When I was younger my mum made me a chocolate spread and banana sandwich. I didn't like it and she would expect me to eat the whole thing, so I pulled the bread apart and stuck the sandwich to the bottom of her wardrobe door.

#26 the ignorance is strong here. There are MANY types of eating disorders, only a few have throwing up/purging as a criteria. Many people with anorexia are known to do this, instead of throwing it up or in the trash can because then they didn't consume it and it's not able to be found.

91hayek 31

lol mauskau wtf? Firstly those sandwiches are delish, and secondly, just how many sandwiches did you stick there?

Actually that's only bulimia, and sometimes they use laxatives. Anorexia is when you just don't eat at all.

actually, according to the dsm, you can still eat and be anorexic. a feature of anorexia is periods of starvation and eating small amounts and purging using laxatives, etc. binging and purging is a feature for bulimia.

there are many eating disorders. And many types of anorexia, bulimia. not every person is the same and therefore don't react the same to the same illness. A person with a binge eating disorder could also have been hiding in the bathroom to binge the burger but desperatly try to flush it out instead. also, you can actually be overweight and still have anorexia.

O.o what kind of person wastes a perfectly good hamburger?!?!

Plot twist: OPs quirky and has a toilet shaped trash can and the poor child was just confused...