By LiLMAMA0523 - United States - Royersford
Today, two teen girls got into a shouting match at the table next to mine at the food court. Sensing a fight brewing, I got up to leave. I stood up just in time for one of the girls to throw her tray, which missed her target and hit me in the head. FML
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OP here! This actually happened to me sometime last year when I worked at an outlet. I ran into the first girl awhile back (who works at a store there) while shopping and we were laughing about it. Basically these girls had been having some issues for awhile and the second girl (tray thrower) decided she and her "crew" would pay the girl a visit while she was working (stupid right?). We both happened to be on our lunch break at the time when the girls showed up. Initially they were just throwing insults at each other (which were pretty funny) but the first girl stood up and they were screaming at each other from across the table. At this point I was like okay I don't want any parts if they start swinging, so I stood up and attempted to walk away. The second girl picked up the food tray and threw it, but the girl either ducked or her aim was bad because I ended up getting hit. My initial reaction was shock which then switched to WTF lol. Both girls rushed over and were freaking out asking me if I was okay. Security was called by one of the food court managers and the girl and her crew were escorted out. I was asked if I wanted to file a report but to me it wasn't extreme enough to do so. I could tell the girl was already upset enough and adding to it wouldn't have made it better. I wasn't severely hurt either just a little bump behind my ear. The tray was hard plastic, but I had my hair in a bun so I think that kind of cushioned the impact. I think the funniest part was probably explaining to my manager why I was a little late coming back from break lol. If this had happened to anyone else I might not find it funny, but since it was me I managed to find the humor in it. I can now check "getting hit with a food tray" to my list of the WTF things that have happened to me lol.
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I'm just a poor OP,
I need your sympathy.
Whether mac and cheese,
Or pizza to go.
The tray flies high,
or tray flies low.
Thrown toward the Windows, but when I tried to run and fleeee, it hit me...

.... Mama, just hit a man.
Got the tray from which I fed,
threw it hard and hit his head.
Mama, lunch had just begun,
But now I've gone and thrown it all away!