By edavis1993 - United States - Milford
Today, my clinical instructor told me to stop being so negative, to get over myself, and to focus on nursing school. I'm only distracted because 3 days ago I was told I might have colon cancer. FML
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  Allornone  |  35

sorry for what? that op could have cancer? that you made one of the few jokes guaranteed to get downvoted? that you choose an extremely insensitive (and not entirely logical) time to make such a lame, cliched joke? Do tell.

By  mermaidkeels  |  26

Not the best, but he was hopefully just trying to motivate you! I'm assuming that he did not know what was wrong. Either way, I wish you the best OP!

By  arano  |  29

The key word here is "might." If you don't have it for sure, no need to stress now. Hopefully it all works out. Just keep a level head.

  shmoooopie  |  29

I was told once I "might have esophagus cancer" and until my test results came back negative I was terrified. I barely ate or slept and I couldn't think about anything else. I put myself through all that worry and stress but all I can say is if you've never had to wait for a test result like that to come back (which sometimes takes a while) then you can't say anything

By  Svetlana22  |  8

Not to sound like an ass but when you are a nurse no matter what the patient comes first no matter what is going on at home.. I would take a break if you need one but when it comes to care nothing you have going no matter what can effect your job. Hope it gets better for you

  KeannaLove  |  32

Ok no. Just because someone has decided to become a nurse or doctor does not mean that their life revolves around patients 24/7. They are allowed to worry about themselves just as much as any other profession. Potentially having cancer can be devastating to hear and OP shouldn't have to hide that emotion.

  Red_Curls1995  |  28

Uh no. Just because you're a nurse or doctor doesn't mean you stop being human. I've been to way too many doctors for my age and I can tell you the difference between a nurse/doctor that takes care of themselves mentally and physically vs one who doesn't.

  lexa1love  |  16

7 are you a nurse? Because I am, and although I am able to put 99% of my life on the back burner when I'm at work. Finding out that I have a potentially terminal disease that will affect my life and family is not one of them. Also she's in school, so she likely isn't the only individual responsible for the patient's care.

By  UUUHQ  |  11

Keep your head high op, the key word is might, and even so, don't let cancer ruin your dreams! Punch cancer in the face and do what you love.