By FailedEngineer - Australia
Today, I lost my house keys while staggering home drunk, so I decided to climb through an opened window and promptly went to bed. Twenty minutes later the police wake me up while attempting to search my place. The neighbors thought I was a burglar and called the cops. FML
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  Starchild21  |  3

How is drinking dumb? Don't blame the drinks for making you retarded. If you cheat on a girl because you were drunk, you still cheated so don't try and plead the 5th of Jack.

Seriously people that blame the alcohol are retarded.


  havetoadjust  |  0

you're retarded for giving random people you don't know on fml your myspace

..not saying i don't agree with your opinion on drinking
just saying you're retarded as well :)

  TheLetterZero  |  7

Take a look at this situation.
There's a much higher chance that the OP wouldn't have lost his keys if he wasn't "staggering home drunk". So, it's right to blame the alcohol here. Try comparing "staggering drunk" with "walking while aware."
Also, please don't say drinking is not dumb when the OP overdrinks. It just makes you look like the retarded one.

By  AndreaHatesYou1  |  0

1- You have neighbors who would call the cops if someone broke into your house, you're lucky.
B- YDI. I hate when people basically say "I got drunk and did something because I was drunk. FML."