By FailedEngineer - 20/10/2009 21:31 - Australia

Today, I lost my house keys while staggering home drunk, so I decided to climb through an opened window and promptly went to bed. Twenty minutes later the police wake me up while attempting to search my place. The neighbors thought I was a burglar and called the cops. FML
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ruben7467 0

it happens. thank god you have concerned neighbors. not a fml


Hey, my comment used to be first, but now this one replaced it? Oh well. What my comment said was: Moral of The Story: drinking is dumb.

people on here are so high and mighty. i should just stick to tfln...

cerebellum_fml 0

How is drinking dumb? Don't blame the drinks for making you retarded. If you cheat on a girl because you were drunk, you still cheated so don't try and plead the 5th of Jack. Seriously people that blame the alcohol are retarded. __________________________

havetoadjust 0

you're retarded for giving random people you don't know on fml your myspace ..not saying i don't agree with your opinion on drinking just saying you're retarded as well :)

thematt_fml 0

ya basically. remember, sober thoughts are drunken actions. but another moral is to pass out in the lawn. better view, better story

Take a look at this situation. There's a much higher chance that the OP wouldn't have lost his keys if he wasn't "staggering home drunk". So, it's right to blame the alcohol here. Try comparing "staggering drunk" with "walking while aware." Also, please don't say drinking is not dumb when the OP overdrinks. It just makes you look like the retarded one.

lmngrl889 14

like half of you people don't get drunk. geez give op a break

020266t 5

now it's officially official, the entire world sucks

ruben7467 0

it happens. thank god you have concerned neighbors. not a fml

kinda sorta is an fml cuz theres usually a false alarm fee, unless the neighbors had to pay it

Obviously the neighbors would have to pay, because they made the false alarm.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Yeah exactly, would you rather have someone actually break into your house and your neighbors grab the popcorn and watch instead of calling?

How rude, the police were trying to protect your home and woke you up. D:

better safe than sorry, they were looking out for you, YDI for getting hammered

toastnbuttrcheng 0

At least you weren't arrested for being black.

HahaYDI 0

Wow, F your life because you have good neighbors...

no he didn't deserve it. he is just lucky he was in his house. haha

Yeah, he didn't deserve it - it's not his fault he's drunk. It's not like he chose to drink alcohol, right?

AndreaHatesYou1 0

1- You have neighbors who would call the cops if someone broke into your house, you're lucky. B- YDI. I hate when people basically say "I got drunk and did something because I was drunk. FML."

I just have to say, I love your numbering system.