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Today, my house is on lockdown. I recently moved to Georgia from Rhode Island to be with my boyfriend. The state is on high alert for an ice storm. I'm stuck inside with my terrified boyfriend, who's calling it "the storm of the century". I used to walk to school in this weather. FML
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unwantedforlife 14

That sucks for all of us from the north but to be fair, they are not used to any type of snow or ice

CallMeWindSock 24

And in the north, 50 degrees is T-Shirt weather!


unwantedforlife 14

That sucks for all of us from the north but to be fair, they are not used to any type of snow or ice

And they usually don't have the equipment to get rid of it.

I am in Alabama, and agree with the northern people saying "Man up". It isnt bad. But to be fair, wedont have many salt and sand vehicles. In Huntsville (3rd biggest city in AL) we only have two. And i don't believe you guys up there would like the 105F weather we get.

nightowl713 25

The difference between snow/ice in the north and snow/ice in the south is that people in the north grew up with that kind of weather. In the south in my entire 25 years of life I've seen snow 6 times, 2 of which were this year. When you haven't been raised driving in it, the roads become dangerous with a lot of inexperienced drivers. We do not keep snow chains, because there hasn't been a necessity for them. Our towns do not have the salt and machinery to clear the roads, because the equipment is too expensive for a once in 5 years snow storm. It's easy to say southerners are being dramatic, but until you really understand you can't relate. Now give me a 120+ degrees summer and I can tell you a million ways to deal.

True enough. I have no idea how people south survive weather above 100 degrees. Summers in MA are brutal, but not by the extreme.

I'm from Florida and 100 degree is normal to me. If it goes below 55 I'm not happy.

skittyskatbrat 19

Well, I'm in Missouri. We get -35 windchills, many days below zero, there's still over a foot of snow on the ground, and summers hit 105 with lots and lots of humidity. Texas at 105 is much, much, much "cooler" than Missouri at 85...because the rivers and lakes just load the air with moisture. Sometimes, it sucks. But the Ozarks are beautiful, the fishing is great, we have air conditioners and snow tires and fireplaces and fans. And we stay inside a lot.

38-Florida for me and anything above 100 is miserable for me. Under 65 is nice, under 45 is chilly but nice. And when we got snow a couple of weeks ago? That was awesome! :D

Oh please, I live in Montreal, 2 hours from the border. We get -40℃ (same in ℉) weather in the winter, and yes we have adapted and have the necessary equipment, but in the summer we get to a 40℃ average (105℉). We know how to deal with extreme temperatures. Don't talk to me about heat. I spend my summers in my home country, Iran. 50℃ (125℉) average. On top of that, having to wear jeans, runners, a headscarf and a jacket? You wouldn't last an hour.

grizzlybear26 7

#50 it's your choice to go to Iran... Than don't go!!!

I live in NC and we had a storm two weeks ago. The grocery store was empty. It was ridiculous!

You had 2 inches of snow, snow chains are for a foot+ of snow. What happened was completely ridiculous. All you had to do was drive 5-10mph slower. My rear wheel drive car with summer slicks can drive in that kind of snow.

Country_Girl_65 3

I moved to Michigan from Florida this May, I grew up in AL, GA and AZ and I've meet experienced snow until this year. It is not that hard to learn to drive on snow and ice. I do it every day on my 30 min drive to work, without chains, I don't even have snow tires on my car.

As my man Phil Robertson would say. "Yuppies everywhere"

I live in the heart of Atlanta. Just to explain, the ice is a huge problem here. Last week I (as well as hundreds of others) were stranded in our cars for 13 hours because we were completely stuck. They didn't prepare for the ice, and most of us don't have our cars properly equipped because this is the worst it's gotten since I've lived here for over 10 years. I think some people freak out too much, honestly we all probably have enough food to last us 2-3 days of ice. It's just too dangerous for us to drive and no one wants to go out after what happened last week. No need to go crazy, we're not going to die, but it doesn't hurt to be smart and stay home.

amayasoma 19

My only complaint is the people. Went to Wal-Mart day before the store and it was nearly bare. Had some people fighting. Yeah we are not used to weather conditions like this but there isn't a need to freak out and prepare for it like it is a hurricane.

Well I live in California. Our weather is mild (most of the time) and I've never even seen snow. So if there was a snowstorm here I'm positive everyone would be pretty panicked

As a native Chicagoan, who lived in the south (TX and AL) for 6 years, before moving back this year, I think the south's biggest problem with snow is fear. We've had quite a winter in Chicago this year. Our plows and salt trucks don't even make an appearance unless there is more than 2 inches of snow! I don't have any fancy winter or snow equipment for my car, besides a small shovel (that I've never used). Yes, I know how to drive in the snow, but it's common sense. Drive slower, take it easy on turns and allow yourself more time and room to stop. In the South, people panic in the snow. Everyone tries to leave at the same time, which causes traffic jams, which causes more accidents and more delays.

go to houston when its 105 degrees and tell me its "cooler"... TX has humidity too idiota. tu no comprendes la calienta de Tejas muchacho

Velandre 6

Oklahoma is bipolar. Wearing sunglasses and shorts one day, coats and boots the next. If only the weather would make up its mind...

My friend just moved to Pennsylvania from Florida and we have had so many major ice storms and snow storms. Most of the snow had a layer of ice under it. When you walked on the snow it cracked under your feet. No matter how sharp the shards are or how deep the snow is it is still very dangerous.

#25, Actually, I'd take 105F over negative degrees any day lol. I'm from New Jersey and although I'm used to the cold, I love the heat. The hotter the better (for me anyways). I've been to Alabama in the summer and I actually thought about living there in the future... Also, I really don't see why people complain about the heat in the summer (and probably wish it were winter) when in the winter they complain about how cold it is and the weather (and probably wish it were summer)...

yes omg thank you. these people out here have lost their minds. I'm from NYC and I was hungry so I drove out to get some food and everything is shut down. ******* Wal-Mart was closed. WAL-MART. when has Wal-Mart closed for anything? ******* ww1 and these bitches would be open but some snow and ice and they freak the **** out. it's a joke out here. but yeah OP I feel your pain. (reminds me of a zombie apocalypse, kinda like walking dead so I'm not complaining too much cause the emptiness is cool)

I'm actually from Georgia. I don't think we have any trucks at all. With that said I still say man up. I'm in middle GA today actually and there is no snow or ice. Just rain and peaople here were wondering if eventually there would be avalanches..... stupidity amazes me.

yes omg thank you. these people out here have lost their minds. I'm from NYC and I was hungry so I drove out to get some food and everything is shut down. ******* Wal-Mart was closed. WAL-MART. when has Wal-Mart closed for anything? ******* ww1 and these bitches would be open but some snow and ice and they freak the **** out. it's a joke out here. but yeah OP I feel your pain. (reminds me of a zombie apocalypse, kinda like walking dead so I'm not complaining too much cause the emptiness is cool)

#41 you obviously don't pay attention to Texas weather. We have high levels of humidity as well. Terrible comparison.

50- Wow, I see you're a badass. I dabble in badassery as well.

falon142012 22

Snow here in Texas and the south is different than snow in the north. There's usually a layer of ice underneath it making it difficult to drive on. When we had that ice storm a couple months ago, people really couldn't get out of their houses. Stores were empty here too, electricity was going out for hours, and we had an earthquake. Everyone freaked out. There was a solid 6+ inches of ice on everything! At least the north has equipment and knowledge to deal with their snow. We really don't. I think that's mainly what makes it different down here. That and our snow is evil and deceptive with ice underneath.

Oh boy here goes the 'man up and read how bad my state has it' argument.

Also, we have inexperienced drivers here in the snow, a couple of weeks ago students along with hundreds of other people got trapped on the road because of traffic. Several schools had to keep their students over night, too.

I gotta say, I moved to Alaska from Arizona. You guys are given a pass for not knowing anything about snow, but in my driving guide for getting my license in Phoenix it gave a guide on snow/ice driving. This isn't going to be the last time for this so but up or move inland

@143 That's what Michigan is like. A popular saying is "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change." For example, last September it was 90 degrees for about a week and then suddenly dropped to about 60 degrees.

100+ degrees in Georgia is quite a bit different than Florida though. we have high humidity with little to no wind and the feels like temperature is typically quite a bit higher.

Well with the weather now I can understand...hope it passes soonzxz

Soonzxz sounds like a sarcastic way of saying "soon xox". I like it.

Before it passes, maybe they could make her best of being such inside?

*Make the best of being stuck. Sorry about that

CallMeWindSock 24

And in the north, 50 degrees is T-Shirt weather!

ShannonBitt 29

Heck, anything above freezing is t-shirt weather in the north

Here in Alaska anything above -5 is T-shirt weather.

nick347b 6

And here I am in San Diego, 70 degrees outside and praying for rain. We're having the worse draught in decades.

jazzy_123 20

here in California, especially SoCal they can't handle anything in the 40's. Anything below that, they'll die haha, but it's rare when it's that cold.

ArielTheMermaid 17

And so the difference between the north and south becomes ever more clearer

ArielTheMermaid 17

I think I was half asleep when I wrote that. Why can't we delete our own comments

Omfgitsmia 15

It'd just be clearer actually.

We're expecting 14" of snow and 55mph winds from this which doesn't even make it the worst one this year

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I'm assuming that's why OP moved to where her boyfriend is.

I live in Minnesota and I know what you feel like! I travel other places and people are freaking out with an inch of snow!!

An inch of snow may not be grounds for freaking out, but I would argue an inch of ice definitely is.

An inch of ice is no different than a thin layer of ice. Ice is ice no matter how thick it is

TheDrifter 23

Happens every sitting and fall in the north. Over and over. We've just learned to deal with it.

You guys don't have an inch of ice. that's a gross over exaggeration. Even then, I've driven and walked in much worse than that. last week in snowed and turned into ice, and then the next time was like -10 and it snowed again. I still managed to walk a mile to my bus stop, walk around campus to my classes, walk downtown to get lunch with my friends, and walk another mile and a half home from my bus stop at night. It's not that bad.

Actually, in many southern states, ice storms are more frequent than snow. I have definitely seen over an inch of ice in New Mexico. Tree limbs and power lines sag so low under the weight they often snap. Pipes freeze, electricity fails, doors freeze shut, and roads get super slick.

How did you walk a mile TO your bus stop but walked a mile and a half back from it?

hockeygoalie13 15

I'm also from Minnesota and I feel the same way but it's important to realize that places that don't normally get that weather won't have the resources to deal with it..

It is absolutely about a lack of resources. It's true people tend to get panicky when driving in unfamiliar hazardous conditions; however, in Mississippi, for example, there are not enough funds to prevent the (regular) closure of schools or fix the crumbling infrastructure, much less finance the cost and upkeep for trucks and plows that we might use once every five years. Southern states as a whole are far from affluent, which is a factor in their levels of preparedness for these kinds of storms.

grizzlybear26 7

Hello!!! It's not just " fluffy stuff" it's also ice you dumb ass

Throw a snowball at him and tell him to get over it

im guessing he isn't used to ice storms where he is from, people are always afraid of the unknown. hopefully you can calm him down....

She should start by giving him hot chocolate :D

agreed... i've never seen snow or an icestorm so i'd be excited

kate_themediocre 6

I live in Tennessee, and as of right now we have about 6 inches. It really is kind of a big deal, because most people here live on tiny, twisty back roads that are shitty to drive on in good weather, much less covered in snow. Pot holes and deep ditches, combined with untreated ice and snow is a bad situation for anybody, even if you grew up in this stuff. So yeah, people are kinda scared.

solosohigh 15

I live in georgia, too. give us a break, we hardly ever get snow, let alone multiple inches and ice! we're trying to adapt :)

Oooo multiple inches of snow!!! There's 4 feet on the ground here and couple of years ago there was 12 feet.

Snow clearing is not instant and they don't even go out until we get more the 2" I've driven on roads with 2' of snow on them

Snow clearing is not instant no, but as snow is annual we have time to practice driving on the uncleared roads. I know in driving school here they actually teach a bit about driving on snow and you can take lessons for just that. I do think it's a tad bit of an over reaction on their part, but at the same time I think some people are being rather harsh insulting them. We have multiple days every year to practice and adjust to the snow and ice, they don't. Then when it thaws a bit leaving that slush that's almost worse than ice. It can be a bit scary, not scary enough to warrant panic, but still kind of scary.

lb0812 18

I live in Atlanta too and I'm really quite content with the ease of earning a couple of paid snow days.