By jaleesadavis21 - 18/10/2011 13:25 - United States

Today, while I was in the shower, my older brother thought it would be funny to change the language on my phone to Serbo-Croatian. I don't know how and can't change it back. FML
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every1luvsboners 11

You must put it on the top rack of the dishwasher and run the cycle with the heated drying. Then it'll work great.


Google translate is your friend in this case

jessesgirl14 16

Sucks for you, OP.... To to Reset phone to factory settings or take it down to your provider....

If you have used the same phone for ages you should be able to navigate by memory....but then again not everyone has photographic memory.

I am just wondering how the brother knew the password to the phone, like dont you have it locked? If u told him the password, than YDI

Why change it?? You got something against Serbians or Croatians? You a racist?? Huh? Huh? WELL ARE YOU?

Just look at a phone with the same menu as yours and it shouldn't be that difficult

Wearpireking 0

67, some people have no reason to have a password cause they trust those around them. Some phones don't even have a password option. My old one didn't.

#88 - I definitely don't trust the ones around me to leave my phone unlocked. As a teenager I have a lot of douchey friends who like to prank each other. Better safe than sorry.

claira555 5

It's a Croat or a Serb. Not a serbo-Croat.

Jrefinne 7

How do you know it's Serbo-Croatian?

every1luvsboners 11

You must put it on the top rack of the dishwasher and run the cycle with the heated drying. Then it'll work great.

Thought you was to soak it in a bowl of spaghetti sauce?

The_Troller 14

I thought you had to shove it in your ass and let it marinate in there for a while, then just pull it back out and it should work fine.

That's generally how all electronics related problems are solved..provided you can fit it, that is.

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fallapart 5

Not really that mean, you can go find someone who has an iPhone and use that as a reference. I did this to my friend and she just laughed.

it's not mean, just having a little laugh!

Aaaaaand Translate Google is your friend! And I would also give him the same courtesy...

Except google translate only has normal Croatian.

Might be enough to figure it out... And there's always babelfish...

Serbian and Croatian are two different languages, they're close but not the same, so either u use Serbian or croation in the traslator....

why use google translate when you can just use normal google to find out how to change it back?

Simple. Reset the phone. Or take it to a store and have them do it. My brother did the same thing expect it was Arabic. Now set his phone to Russian or Japanese.

KingOmar21 3

I've done this to myself occasionally. But I know the look of my phone system so well that I can just click into my menu and find where the language setting would normally be. I think if you fiddle around with your phone for a while you'll be able to change it back =)

jallred254 4

Guess it's time to get Rosetta Stone...

Omg The same thing happened to me! But I was the stupid one who changed it to Chinese and re set my iPod in the process of changing it back!

tonyfreakindavis 1

CAPSLOCK DOESN'T MAKE YOU COOL! I'm such a hypocrite sometimes....