By ChangMu - 01/05/2013 06:40 - United States - Des Moines

Today, I had to go buy diaper rash cream. For myself. FML
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Aw I'm sorry, let me give you a Huggie

Perhaps your username should be "ChangeMe" instead...


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You can use that stuff everywhere - for acne, grazes, rashes of all sorts, whatever. Diaper cream is just a name, get over it :)

You can use that stuff everywhere - for acne, grazes, rashes of all sorts, whatever. Diaper cream is just a name, get over it :)

For tattoos too :D

It's just a barrier cream. That's all.

I agree 19. Also, hemorrhoid cream can be used for bags and drooping beneath the eyes. I'm sure there are lots of nontraditional home remedies that may seem weird but work wonders.

Considering your profile picture #1, you must have someone change yours for you, eh?

21 - absolutely. I tatooed myself recently and I have to use that kind of cream all the time. Unless OP is using it for it's namesake purposes, I don't see the FML in this.

Hey there 19. Anywhere? I think I might just give that a try.........

Aw I'm sorry, let me give you a Huggie

Don't Pamper him! He's a big boy now and doesn't need mommies Huggies. >:(

Is this OP's fault? I guess it Depends.

There is no need to jump to any rash decisions now, folks. I know everyone Luvs to assume things, but hey, lets give OP a break.

Pull Up your chin OP, you'll be ok.

don't judge people with diapers! they let you rest CareFree and without worry during the night. Always.

always someone who start the puns lol

Perhaps your username should be "ChangeMe" instead...

Stop being such a big baby... deal with it.

Adult diapers, eh? Me too..

Welcome to the real world sir, or madam. On the bright side no one knee it was for you, so no jokes from the community. Plus will Ferrell said peeing your pants is cool or was that Adam sandler?

It was Adam Sandler in Billy Madison. And if Billy Madison says it's cool, then it is.

If peeing your pants is cool, then consider me Miles Davis.

What? Is that not normal?

That's what many of my friends used to help heal their freshly new tattoos. :P

You might want to wipe your ass properly. Also, shower more. Although I sense this is probably for a tattoo or something. I use bepanthen for mine and that's meant for babies bums..

my husband used that for his tattoo too. i dont like thr smell of that or sudacrem and the house was stinking of it thanks to him and my baby son lol

My tattoo artist recommends aquaphor. Works great, and no funky smell.

Ass Wiping lessons will work out cheaper in the long run. Go to Craigslist and find a teacher there. Avoid anyone who tries to get you to commit to a long series of lessons -- you might end up captive in a disgusting sex dungeon. . . or so I've heard.

what do you mean Capti- *cough* yeah.... that's right.... captive....

^ you should probably get that checked out

Perdix. Spending too much time with Kay?