By waiting till marriage, she said - 10/06/2015 15:28 - United States - Pasadena

Today, my apparently insane and now ex-girlfriend actually claimed she didn't technically cheat on me, because she set her Facebook relationship to "single" before screwing my brother. FML
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I'd be more upset at your brother's betrayal. He had equal part in this too.

Time to set your relation status to single and your siblings to none!


I'd be so pissed off at my brother and her

Really though. What kind of girl or kind of brother does that???

Guess she forgot to tell you Yall broke up for an hour.

Did your brother also change his FB status to not being related to you?

Wow, Someone needs to learn what cheating is. FYL OP

Have technicalities ever actually mattered when they're used as excuses? Sorry, OP. That sucks.

Consider yourself lucky to be rid of such an idiotic *****.

It takes two. His brother is also a ***** of equal proportions.

I'd say 60/40 cuz she changed her FB; this implies intentional deception on her part.

Sounds like you've been watching Maury or Steve Wilkos :)

I'd be more upset at your brother's betrayal. He had equal part in this too.

Well she did set her Facebook to single maybe she convinced the brother they were separated.

I don't know about you, but I would talk to my sibling before banging his recent "ex". But that's just me.

Let your brother off with a harsh beating because he is family but kill the bitch.

Also, it would be really rude to have sex with your brother's ex if they just broke up.

To the above: Really?^ To OP: I'm just mad that you stated she was your EX in the post. Now instead of "you should break up with her OP! Good luck!" comments, we get "why did your brother bang your ex?" comments. I actually applaud your attempt to mix things up, however the mass public needs order to function.

#45 - OP said "now ex" which would imply that he broke it off with her after he found out what happened, not that his brother slept with her after they broke it off.

Time to set your relationship status on Facebook to "single" too!

Wow. That logic is pretty irrefutable isn't it? Seriously, if you are going to cheat on someone, at least have the decency to not make excuses about it.

Well, I I think anyone who would cheat doesn't have much decency.