By OhDear - 25/05/2011 01:34 - United States

Today, I went to a friend's wedding. While I was holding my four year old son, he managed to unclip the back of my dress and give the whole church a show. FML
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do the same in his wedding.


A pimp practicing with his mother...

4 yr old mac daddy lol

Takador 3

Its all part of the contract :)

hellogoodbye1996 6

the church probably thought your dress falling was the horrible event that was to happen before the 2nd coming of Christ

juicedboi 7

Well the little guy is going to heaven. And i am fairly sure 95% of the men in that church just committed some sort of sin.

He's just showing the groom what to do at the end of the night.

lol^ And person above the person above me, made me lol so hard

lmao 46 :)) I the only who thinks (if his mother breastfed him) that he either was hungry or misses them boobies? lol

she didn't breast feed me, but I miss em!

ShadowTheDumbass 10

that's retarded

Empty the clip And roll the window up.

Must have been the breast wedding ever.

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lol nice

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ohhh, that sucks! 

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you actually deserved it honestly

lilmisslovely13 15

32 How did she deserve it? That doesn't make any sense.

32 is just a sad depressed man because he didn't get to see them. And with his attitude, probably never will.

do the same in his wedding.

at OP, Pics or it didn't happen!

Let's just hope he's wearing a dress!

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I'm sure the priest enjoyed that

DontModMeDammit 10

Well if it was a Catholic priest then I'm sure he would have preferred the 4 year old son to give "the show."

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I was going to say this as well buy too lazy xD

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tats just being an ass

armorf0r 7

people will definitely notice you that way. lol

damn and I missed it!

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same damn thing I sed when I read this!

was your son imitating Justin timberlake?

Could have been nasty... you never know


haha wow, sounds exciting !

Hm yes quite so. Hm Hm.