Leave me alone

By Anonymous - 01/08/2020 17:00

Today, my idea of partying is vacuuming the house. Because that’s the only time when I have a legitimate excuse to wear headphones, listen to music and not be available for my grandma to call out to me because she wants something or other. FML
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That sucks. Literally!

Does that really matter?


That sucks. Literally!

bloopaloop 27

Are you dressed like a ho and shaking your ass while you vacuum?

Does that really matter?

genuinegoodguy 9

Don’t hoover the doormat. You might hurt your toes.

DoctorPALO 14

Do you not care about your grandma? Is she really that much of a burden? If so, she certainly doesn't deserve the likes of you. I hope you're not living in HER house and being this ungrateful.

Your house must be spotless!