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By Anonymous - 28/02/2011 18:59 - United States

Today, my boyfriend woke up to me crying. He asked what was wrong, but before I could answer, he'd already rolled over and started snoring louder than ever, making the migraine I was crying about even worse. FML
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Then you have never had a real migraine. Hate to be the one to break it to you. A real migraine can put you in the emergency room for something to knock you out. A real migraine will make you throw up worse than a stomach virus. So take your little hot cloth and sleep on it, some people have the real thing.

You could always give him one of those *smack!* "Oh honey, you're awake"


... I have never nor will ever cry over a migraine. I just take a hot shower and try to sleep it away.

Then you have never had a real migraine. Hate to be the one to break it to you. A real migraine can put you in the emergency room for something to knock you out. A real migraine will make you throw up worse than a stomach virus. So take your little hot cloth and sleep on it, some people have the real thing.

Then you haven't had a horrible migraine. I get migraines that have made me unable to sleep, and I end up crying through most the night because it is so painful (though my boyfriend is awesome and stays up comforting me). Migraines that make me vomit are better than the ones that make me cry, because at least vomiting makes the headache go away. Medicine rarely helps me.

The ones that make me throw up are never as bad as the ones that make me cry. The ones that make me cry are the ones that don't make me nauseous enough to puke, so they just stay and get more painful over time.

I've had migraines that made me throw up. The key word in my post was try. My family isn't the type to go to the emergency room for everything, so I'd just stay in a dark room. Though I have not had one bad enough to cry, admittedly. Then again, some people have different tolerances to pain.

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25, or maybe you just don't get it as bad as some people?

I would say I can tolerate a fair amount of pain. I box and when I skate I get hurt a lot from taking risks, so when I say a migrain along with a sinus infection brought me to my knees begging for the pain to stop, you should believe me it hurts. It doesn't make me cry though, my first reaction to pain is fear then anger.

Uggh migranes but yeah everyone gets different ones, I have broken bones without crying but my migranes can make the tears run, not nice. I feel sorry for you OP but then I feel sorry for your bf too he prob didn't mean to seem like such an ass, sleeptalking is pretty comon...

My family does not go to the emergency room for every little thing either, but when the pain gets to the point that you have lost feeling in one side of your body just like a stroke it is time to visit the hospital.

Crying makes the pain worse. FYL if you were my girl (if you were cute) i would give you a head massage and give you some advil or something.

or you all are just a bunch of pansies and need to suck it. (i was completely kidding, but you know someones guna say it)

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If you're losing feeling in one side o your body, you have much larger medical issues than simple migraines.


Never had a migraine before so suck it up

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When I was 10 and on a school trip to New Mexico I got a bad one. I cried for half the night, the day after that, and some of the morning after that. Of course, I didn't cry the WHOLE time and I was only ten.

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how bad does it hurt on a scale of one to Hellen Keller?

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sorry we can't all be as awesome as you.

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you probably don't get them as bad as this person. don't be a jerk

Hellen keller? Yeah i know who she is but since when are we measuring pain in hellen keller? Though, don't get me wrong, i laughed when i saw it!

everyone always say that "oh then you really haven't had a migraine" like you know, right? get over it, it is a gruesome experience but she seemed a bit over dramatic, I've had migraines that made me hallucinate and others that basically put me in a semicoma, to cry over it?? doesn't help anything, it probably makes the migraine worse

No - someone who loses feeling on one side of their body is probably having a hemiplegic migraine. They can cause temporary paralysis on one side of the body, as well as speech and cognitive difficulties. I had my first one about six months ago, and I honestly thought I was having a stroke because I couldn't talk properly, or feel the left side of my body. It was only when the headache kicked in (like a bullet in the face - it cannot be stressed how painful migraines are, even though I've never personally cried over one) that I realised what had happened, and surely enough, when I went to the doctor the next day, he diagnosed a hemiplegic migraine. I don't get them often, so there wasn't a lot he could do - but my point is that that loss of feeling can be a symptom of just a more vicious sort of migraine. Either that, of course, or you are having a stroke. But I would guess that the person you commented on probably knows that they're having a migraine.

You could always give him one of those *smack!* "Oh honey, you're awake"

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haha that is so fun to do to my hubby

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How did you get a husband doing that?

or an elbow to the stomach with a "oh whoops! I was reaching for the remote"

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mathgirl22. 2+2=4 which equals *****. great name!!¡

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you're 20 with a husband... sucks for you

-Intense argument about what age you should get married at BELOW-

Sometimes they are horrible, but I guess it all depends on the individual's tolerance for pain.

You should start snoring to make his migraines worse :)

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no we really don't. it's just to the point where the girl bitches so much our head hurts with useless information. brb...she didn't bring the sandwich yet.

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Yeah, I used to pretend that I had a girlfriend too, but then I hit puberty. Have fun eating your imaginary sandwich and masturbating tonight.

You may not get migraines, but in fact guys do get migraines. A lot of my guy friends have had migraines. Don't let your foolish machismo and sexism take control of common sense. Google it if you have to understand that guys get migraines as well but that it's more common in women :P. Oh btw #69 why aren't you in the kitchen? You better be posting that comment from the stove where the sandwiches you made are. :)

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Uhm I think they where joking...or I hope they where. sexism is not funny(**** yeah it is)

Maybe if guys tried to be considerite for once we wouldn't have to bitch so much #69 (yeah asshole)

whoa putting to much emphasis on guys. that's just the guys you know. And to be honest it's not all girls but i got friends who just take it overboard and that's the point being considerate is just a drawback to a relationship

Why would you cry over a migraine? That makes it even worse!

Crying sometimes is just uncontrolable

Hm, true, but when I have I migraine I do try not to cry because it makes it so much worse.

is migraine really that bad to cry about? (dont have, so i dont know)

Mm, I had this urge to say "Suck it up, stop being a baby, OP," but then I realized I have never had a migrane myself. In fact, I've only had a couple headaches so far in my life. Sooo... this is definitely not my place to be accusing someone of being a baby. :S Are they really THAT bad? I'm so sorry, OP. Er, what causes migraines, anyone know?

Yes, they can be that bad. Migraines can be so painful that you can't do anything but get in fetal position and cry. They can also make you vomit. Yyaayy fun..

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Did you hear about the reporter who was on live TV that could not get her words to come out and it looked like she had a stroke? The doctors determined the cause to be a migraine. It caused her words to come out as gibberish, her face to loose muscle control on one side and she started to panic on live tv!

#66 are you sure it was diagnosed as a migraine? Those symptoms all match Bell's Palsy.

100- It was definitely determined to be a migraine. I saw the news stories about her too.

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their causes are varied. caffeine withdrawal, reactions to cheese, wine etc, eye strain, hormones etc.

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100 yes I am sure. She had an interview afterwards and talked about how she went to multiple neurologists and they diagnosed it as a migraine. She even said that it runs in her family but she had never had one until that day.

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Wow that sucks 4 u but that doesn't mean ur bf is not a keeper :)