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Today, I had a nervous breakdown. My life has been going down the drain and I called my boyfriend for comfort. I was crying my eyes out, finally getting everything off of my chest that has been bothering me. I thought it was quiet because he was listening closely. I was wrong. He fell asleep. FML
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haha, I think I know you, Are you really surprised?

YDI. I'm willing to bet that you never call him with anything good to say, and you only want him around when you need someone to whine to.

why? she didn't do anything wrong! i'm sorry to hear that, OP

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she did wrong for she is egocentric and self-centered... read the passage again. I...My life...I thought...I... the paragraph had more instances of herself than that of her "insensitive" boyfriend, who was acting within the permissible extent of the law [/lol]

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#37 I am giving you a reward for that amazing comment. *Hands you an e-cookie*

#37 you forgot ..borthering me... Listen to Let It Go by Escape the Fate

#37 you forgot ..bothering me... Listen to Let It Go by Escape the Fate

At least you have a boyfriend. Quit complaining, wake him up, and get on with life.

#5, just shooting in the dark and taking a guess here dont have a boyfriend, right?

because cats are such understanding animals...?

Lol. Because cats are incapable of showing sensitivity/insensitivity, so it's acceptable if they walk off/fall asleep while you're talking.

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Or a dog. Even when you're bawling your eyes out, they'll wag their tail and lick your face as if nothing's wrong!

Yep! Even guinea pigs are nice to cuddle up with. They shit frequently though. I agree with #18.

They shit frequently though, literally laughed out loud while at work.


-0.0! your boyfriend is cute...

You are actually very lucky that he fell asleep. If he remained conscious, he would have realized what a pathetic, whiny, self-indulgent loser you were and dumped you. BTW, how do you think that makes a guy feel to hear that you consider you life is going down the drain even with him as a boyfriend? Answer: Like a bucket of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra could not un-limpen his dick.

This is very true. There's very little that makes a guy feel shittier than knowing his girlfriend isn't happy, even with him in her life. I'm not going to vote on this one, because for all we know, you called and woke him up at 4 in the morning to tell him these things, which, unless the situation really is serious and you're considering suicide or something, is a little unreasonable.

Good points, SOMAgirl. I don't see why anyone would be upset if they forgot to TiVo Hannah Montana -- just wait ten minutes and it will be on again!

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Wow. Plexico, You really make your way around. I see your comments everywhere. :) lol. I love it. haha. OP: You can talk to me about nervous breakdowns when you have a real one. Shaking so bad you can hardly talk. Every thing moves slow and fast at the same time. Your thoughts run together and flash befor your eyes. You can't focus. That's a nervous breakdown. I'm bipolar.. I know. And when I talk to my boyfriend about them it's not until way after. And if it's late or he's tired.. I don't bother him with it. I don't consider myself more important than him. Doing such a thing would break our relationship apart. Sounds like f his life to me.. For have a stupid girlfriend.

If you're really having a nervous breakdown, go see a professional. Don't dump it on your boyfriend or anyone else and expect it to be all better. Your boyfriend probably fell asleep because he's heard it all before from you.

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Maybe it was 1:30 in the morning and he needed some sleep - not sure if you vent to him frequently, but everyone gets tired of life at some point and he reached that point exactly when you did (he just dealt with it differently). Maybe he is a terrible guy and shows this unconcerned behavior to you often, or maybe you breakdown a lot - in which case I would either change the relationship or figure out what you need to do in order to feel better without his ever-present attention.

He was probz really tired and needed the sleep. Let the guy rest!

Look, guys know girls like to talk about their problems, but guys aren't built to be talkers. The solution? Pretend to listen. The only difference between him sleeping and him zoning out is that you caught him sleeping. If you want full attention, talk to a girlfriend. If you want completely fake attention, talk to a cat. A guy is somewhere in the middle.

You are wrong my cat is very understanding he listens to all my problems and even meows when I'm sad....ah good ol' fluffy he always sleeps with me and things. He cries with me and even eats cookies with me! He just loves me.

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