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Today, I had to escort some dumbass teenager from Home Depot after I found him masturbating in one of the model washrooms. FML
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They may be a lot of no smoking signs, but there ain't no no masturbating signs. Happy Fingers!!!


'No honey, I don't think that's caulking.'

yamatelle 19

More jerking, more doing. That's the power of Home Depot. That sounds really wrong.

He probably thought since it was a model bathroom, there would be supermodels there. He probably got such a huge boner while waiting for them that he couldnt wait anymore. So really it's your fault for not clarifying what kind of model bathroom you meant.

LMFAO I'm sorry but kudos for you xD! Number 36 xD!!!

Must have been awkward, imagine the other guy's pov...

enonymous 8

I usually ask for a shop vac and some alone time at my Lowes. Never had a problem

Damn_Hippster 11

Next time he should try it when no one is looking!

latest fml, I was just harmlessly scratching my balls at home depot when some guy working there threw me out.fml

Its a girl 101 yeah that's right this fml just got a lot sexier que porno music

Is Home Depot something like IKEA? Cause if it is, they sure do have some nice model bathrooms.

Oh yeah, home depot! So exciting! Oh! Home depot! Yeah! Oh yeh!!!

I work there! Not at this one though. Thankfully.

enonymous 8

130 thank you for showing me the ladies room.. Can you please give me a MTV like cribs walk thru!?

you dont know what home depot is??!??!?!?!?!?!?!? WOW.

They may be a lot of no smoking signs, but there ain't no no masturbating signs. Happy Fingers!!!

Very true. Next time try making a creative sign with a line through a stick guy masturbating saying, "If you think you're doing this here, beat it." Something along those lines.

Wait so the sign is suposed to encourage that? I mean beating it in public...

Luckily though, masterbaiting in home depot is frowned upon. Like masterbaiting on a air plane.

oh, shane dawson, you dirty son of a bitch

"it's not illegal, only frowned master bating on an airplane."

Yessss! Another shane dawson luver as i assume :))

112- Why thank you, I try. Not that hard though. It's natural talent from my typing fingers.

You are my best friend now! Shane lover :D

iknowimawesome 13

Aren't the models open from one side? To display it to the public...?

He was advertising for them. "A restroom so nice, you just cant wait to **********!"

You are right, those are some malignant looking eye boogies. Haha, malignant such a funny word:)

iknowimawesome 13

so funny. I bet that was pretty embarrassing for both of you.

Blackmail111 9

His internet must've been out so he probobaly came (no pun intended) to ********** to the catalog

xAttackAttackx 25

Yeah. Of course, because the catalogs in Home Depot are such a turn on.

Maybe he's just into that kind of stuff. I mean there are some pretty freaky fetishes out there lol.

Blackmail111 9

If the tools at home depot don't give you a hard on then you're 1.Gay 2.A girl

Listerinekiss_fml 7

He probably couldn't hold it in any longer and needed to relieve himself all over

You sound like a jerk. Get off the kid's case. Come on, give him a break.

Blackmail111 9
Blackmail111 9

I'm with the writer of the fml...there is a time and place for that, and that isn't one of them. Good for the guy for kicking the stupid ass out! I wouldn't have wanted to see that!

Blackmail111 - jerk? Get off? Come? Do I need to spell it out for y...wait, I already did.

every1luvsvag 10

I thank you for putting my thoughts into a comment form guy above me.