By Anonymous - 26/04/2016 08:00 - Spain

Today, my seasonal allergies started. Most annoying thing by far this allergy season? I only get the urge to sneeze when I have food in my mouth. FML
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You can train your body to do things subconsciously eg waking up at certain times etc, they probably sneezed a few times while eating, subconsciously teaching themselves to sneeze while eating!

It's also a chance to throw on some people's faces which I don't suggest..

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Or if you don't have a napkin use your hands. It's gross, but better than spewing food everywhere.

It's especially terrible to sneeze while eating Ramen. That chicken flavor really burns while being dragged along the inside of a nasal cavity by a noodle that only made it halfway out mid-sneeze. By the way, you're welcome for that mental image.

You're pretty evil, for an account that's named after a sunflower.

You just don't sneeze with your mouth full of food, it's just simple. Sorry for your season inconvenience

Actually you can and do sneeze with a mouth full of food, the body doesn't think "oh I need to sneeze but the mouth has good in it so I'll wait"

Insert a feeding tube. Problem solved.

Oh boy. Whenever I sneeze while eating, I bite half my mouth off. I hope to god that doesn't happen to you, OP.