By Anonymous - Italy
Today, I went to the hospital to visit my grandfather. That's where I tripped over a loose cord in the hallway, resulting in a fractured elbow. I ended up in the emergency room and didn't even get to see my grandfather. FML
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  species4872  |  19

*harry *frank.... I know more if you like.

  Alexandria79  |  22

why? some people may actually want affordable healthcare but lawsuits will continue to drive the cost up. maybe op can just watch where they're walking a bit better

By  interesting33  |  36

that really sucks. I have to say, I thought this was going to end in the cord being ripped out and bring his life support machine or something. guess you were at the right place for fractures. ironic though.

By  young_stud  |  14

You should have asked if they could put you in the same room beside you grandfather, at least then you'd get to see him. That's how I thought this FML was going to end.

By  GhostFox  |  33

I would honestly suggest asking them to pay for your medical bills, since it was their organizations neglect that lead to the injury. You don't necessarily have to sue or even threaten to- there's a chance that they'll pay out just to keep you quiet about it- at least, in the USA they might, but Italy might be different.