By Julie - 31/03/2009 01:43 - Canada

Today, the C-train was packed and I was stuck with a homeless man pressed up against me. He was staring at me intently, and two minutes into the ride he got an erection, which was rubbed against me at every single bump and turn of the train. FML
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blland 0

kick him in the nuts, stupid!

hahaha wtf, i would have gotten off as soon as possible


blland 0

kick him in the nuts, stupid!

tokintot07 0

has anyone noticed that this story ha been posted already, expect the homeless guy was an old guy?

ryguy997 0

you musta enjoyed it if u didn't move.

atleast he thinks ur smexy

yeah #133 i saw that one.

...OP is genderless. this either means the man is a sex preaditor or a faggot

hahaha wtf, i would have gotten off as soon as possible

Really? I would have turned around and rubbed MY erection on HIS leg. Show him how it feels.

Roxas_fml 0

I agree with #1.

danceforever51 4

He was homeless

Doesn't mean he can't be hot. Homeless doesn't necessarily equal old or undesirable.

Haha C-train. Calgary? That's pretty funny but sad for you. You shoulda moved away and/or "accidently" punched him.

I live in Calgary!

That's what I thought when I read it too!

Wow that sucks haha. Was the homeless man packin' meat?

well if your taking pictures then it must be your phone right?

don't give a fuck, woulda called one of my friends with the opening line, "so i got this rash today and went to the doctor, and he says it could be something really serious..."

Even homeless guys need a little lovin'.

#2, in what way do you mean that?


lol, ya weirdo...ha ;)

wtf. HAHAHAHAHA, I'm sorry. I feel bad for you, and really sorry, but it's kind of funny. Though if I were in that situation, I would have been really horrified, and would have got off the train at the next stop.