By Anonymous - 02/09/2014 15:49 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I finally got to watch some porn after not being able to for a while. All I could notice in the video was how badly the participants were playing snooker. FML
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tehaustiebear 34

Is that a play off of Snookie? I don't sven want to imagine.

Nothing turns me on like a nice game of snooker. Mmmmm


tehaustiebear 34

Is that a play off of Snookie? I don't sven want to imagine.

It's essentially a more difficult version of pool

knoxxx 22

Most people in the US play pool, not Snooker. I've never even seen a set of Snooker balls here.

orbit 22

Then you haven't seen mine

27 that's actually very interesting I have a set of snooker balls but I don't play that near as much as pool simply because I like pool more

Nothing turns me on like a nice game of snooker. Mmmmm

gjikvtj 18

Or family ventures. Thanks for getting some napkins son No problem Mom Wanna have incest?

cryssycakesx3 22

lol "wanna have incest"

Well, you are a huge wanker.

Billiards basically

It is a bit like American pool?

Bigger board more balls and difficult than play wise different aswell :)

martin8337 35

Not to be mistaken for pocket pool.

Who cares what game, they all involve balls of one kind or another.

WTF Is Snooker?

Appears to be similar to billiards. Doesn't make sense in the fml

You don't have to be a jerk about it. Jeez.

Sheesh! Is that what you kids call it now?

One nice thing is that the holes are tighter than pool

sparty48910 5

what the hell happened to the chicken?

For those of us who don't play snooker and live in the U.S. where snooker is not common knowledge, it is a British game similar to pool or billiards.

Actually, snooker originated in India. Although to be fair, India was part of the British Empire at that point.

So a British game....

Only if you define India as "British".

@38 since India was British at the time (assuming you were right) yes it would be British

knoxxx 22

And the name Snooker was given to the game by a British Colonel stationed in India. And was mostly played by members of the British Army.

Oh, good gravy. We can take snooker and somehow turn it into a history debate. I like it.

Snooker is a cue sport just like Billiards

Why don't you watch some straight-up **** instead of that plot shit?

in my humble opinion, a lot of **** is disgusting.

Sometimes the ones with some kind of plot are better. If the exposition lasts less than a minute or two then it doesn't really matter. And to be fair, you don't really know whether you're going to get a plot one or a non plot one before you click on it.

The horrible acting usually ruins any type of plot, for me at least.

I have heard **** is supposed to be a beginning to an acting career; from what I've seen I certainly hope not. I'm not a fan of ****, the acting is too bad. If I do watch it, I can't have a plot it ruins everything for me. That horrible acting.

what is snooker?