By CallmeEddie - 14/11/2013 16:44 - United States - Joliet

Today, while I was in a bathroom stall, the guy next to me asked me for toilet paper. It was then that I realized I didn't have any either. FML
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You seem like you're talking from experience...?

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...and that is the reason why I always keep napkins in my pocket.

Rainhawk94 27

No. How would op ********** later

You could take the stealth way and crawl out for some paper towels. Just imagine you're a secret agent trying not to get seen as you smuggle the automatic asswiper from the nazis back to an American base.

You have no choice, use the seat protectors.

Really?! How many public bathrooms have SEAT PROTECTORS?!

Quite a few, but mostly at rest stops, au bon pain, and airports. The cleaner the bathroom is, the more likely you are to find seat covers.

jojimugo 20

If there is no toilet paper chances are there are no seat covers

Zimmington 21

Most places will put seat protecters in female restrooms It's rare there's any in the male's restroom

That is not true if it's in the women's it's in the men's

skyttlz 32

I've had to use a seat protector when there was no TP left in a public bathroom. They have seat covers pretty much every public place I go to, including my school and a church.

I bet in a few months (or less), "shit out of luck" will be the new "sounds like a shitty situation" aka THE pun to downvote.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Don't you mean "your shit's out of luck"? Because OP's shit was definitely out of luck on this one.

Op'll be fine, sure he may lose one perfectly good sock, but hey, it's all good. He's still got the other one to ********** in.

I bet you run out of socks quickly...

well the only thing you can do in moments like those is leave the stall and go into another one that has toilette paper.

btw OP don't you put toilette paper on your seat before going? Thousands of asses have sat on those seats and you don't know what bacteria and germs are thriving on it.

SilverInGray 25

You do not need to put toilet paper on the seats. It's safe without it.

you must like sitting on urine and toilet water residue.

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This one episode of Mythbusters showed them trying to culture bacteria off of a public toilet seat... They couldn't because even unwashed, the toilet seat was fairly clean. I guess most people have antibacterial asscheeks.

I've seen toilet seats with drops of urine and blood (most likely from periods) so regardless, I'll still put toilet paper.

Wonder how bad the bottom of the seat would be...

CallMeMcFeelii 13

That blood isn't from periods, it's from your friendly neighborhood junkie! And he's leaving you a present, that present is called.. Hepatitis!

Epikouros 31

So it's #24's fault there's no toilet paper left to wipe your ass with.

Zimmington 21

I always put toilet paper down whether I see per on the seat or not.... then again I'm a bit of a germaphobe

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I'm one of those shitters who stand on the back of the toilet and shit horizontally on the wall. Then I "drop it like it is hot" and wiggle my bum up and down. No.. I don't do that, but that's what I imagine when I see someone else's shit all over the stall.

CrazyGirlfriend 21

I always put paper down on the seat if there isnt any seat protectors. There is usually always pee on the seat that I dont see but I do notice the paper soaking it up. Then again Im always the type to wash my hands for like two minutes after and open the door with my feet.

Should have followed the age old principle 'No tissue, no tushy'

Then again, when you gotta go, you gotta go

Zimmington 21

#37- so you just go & worry about how to whipe later?

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Hey Thousand-Eyes, re-read the FML.

#57 - I think he means the guy on OP's other side, unless OP is In the end stall.

Then That means the other guy is ******** in the...

..Urinal? ..Sink? Don't leave us in suspense like that #83!

Cwizer 17

Changing one word in that horribly overused bash-my-head-against-a-wall sentence does not make it okay.

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Goddamn it #19, you're violating the pact! Don't make us impose sanctions on you!!

olpally 32

Well, good luck with that. Improvise using something that you're wearing? Idk. That's just awful. Lmao.

paulpring 9

Thats a pretty shitty situation...

or he's from here and attempting to bring that bad pun back