By Wrongtoilet - 12/07/2010 08:28 - Singapore

Today, I was at a new shopping mall. After an hour, I desperately needed to use the bathroom. Spotting one, I ran inside, locked myself in a cubicle and relieved myself. The toilet paper was out so I knocked on the cubicle beside me to ask for some. A lady's voice answered. She needed some too. FML
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ArtIsResistance7 1

Gosh people! Always check the roll, before you empty your hole.

In Soviet Singapore, toilet paper wipes...nevermind.


damn that's shitty! no pun intended… well maybe a little lol

not exactly an fml... but that does suck hahaha

Averizzle 0

That's why you always pack toilet paper when you are traveling to new places!

ladies_man217 0

#18, I fear that it was a little worse than a pee. or since when do guys need toilet paper for peeing?

nvm comment #29. looks like comment 18 I was referring to disappeared :)

i took this fml as she had no toilet paper. since they were cubicles that doesn't necessarily mean she was in the mens... right?

BabyDacey 0

awwh that sucks my friend did that once in school, he called me to try & get him out! I felt soo bad ):

itchyballs 0

did you ask her for some tampons too?

would be more funny if op was a dude 

Thabb 0

Now everyone thinks you're a pedo

kennyFTW3fiddy 0

stupid poor people stupid poor people I have more money than you stupid poor people stupid poor people you can't even aford food

emmanizzer 6

so is the fml about how you went into the wrong bathroom or how you were out of toilet paper? or both?

lollercoaster!!!!! tha first thing u do in a restroom is check for toilet paper rofl.... ur gunna have to go Chinese

ahaaaaahhgaaahhhhhaaaaaghhhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaa. can't stop laughing.

rawr_forever 0

roflcopterskates you be a man.

okay 60 most definitely wins in the "failure" category for the day. lol. iloveyou 60  

christa953 12

Comment moderated. jk lolzzzz

9 are you retarded? a lady answered so she was in the GIRL'S bathroom... *hint hint*

9 was referring to the OP 95. You are sofa king we todd did.

Shookitup 0

well that sucks! what do you use then? your hand??? eww...

eatinspaghetti 0

Look at the top right of the fml. It's a dude.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Couldn't OP just youse a plastic seat cover?

In Soviet Singapore, toilet paper wipes...nevermind.

Yeah never mind indeed. Singapore never was part of Soviet Russia so stop the stupid jokes already. OP, that sucks :P but hey, you could've gotten yourself a new friend/girlfriend there if you played it right. This is a funny situation but it sucks because you were so ashamed. FYL

ArtIsResistance7 1

Gosh people! Always check the roll, before you empty your hole.

ArtIsResistance7 1

Meh. Not as important. :{D (I got the creeper moustache going on)

just so you know, in your picture, if you didnt actually, x=8

Was the restroom not labeled specifically for women or for men? Lovely. It's happened to all of us though, bet you'll remember to check next time OP.

happily_married0 0

don't ya hate it when that happens? I always see janitors walking around the mall with their trash cans, yet the bathrooms are never clean. it was the same when I was in high school.

inlove528 0

that's why ladies always keep some exxxtra tissue in their purse! take that tip.

Stuff some in your pocket before you go out!! your wallet? Oh my how do you guys survive without purses? o_o I wouldn't last a day without mine

My boyfriend carries a small backpack with him everywhere, he has extra toilet paper, bottles of water... Various other things that he may need.. Prior Planning he always says.. It's good advice.

yagurlteeteexoxo 0

wow that's crazy. next time look before you use. an btw op you're nasty. how can you use the toilet before cleaning it. so gross

Seriously! So you sat down on bare public toilet.........and Randomly the person next to you did too??? Wtf is wrong with people!

It is illegal to go into the wrong bathroom in America.

Can't you just be happy with the free information? Stop being so damn greedy.

Heh, if I aren't facetious people would take me seriously.

ibanez370 0

lol 69, it looks like u have 3 legs!