By heronlydaughter - 23/11/2010 03:58 - United States

Today, I went over to my mother-in-law's house to have dinner. I was excited she invited me, since I thought she didn't like me. I ended up hanging her Christmas lights in a snowstorm while they had s'mores by the fire. FML
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MegasaurusRex 0

Why would you even let her do that to you? You should have just left or at least told her you weren't going to do it...

That was pretty cold of her.


that is sucky


wow, worry op

Xavi89 0

nice fish!

um thanks. it's a steelhead I caught from the rogue river in southern Oregon.

I hope you messed with the wiring so that you electrocute that bitch and set her house on fire.

iSitt 0

fyl that your husband did not come out to join you as a symbol of his objection to your treatment.

Reyo 2

If your husband really didn't object to it at all, even if it was to say "Let me help you", then he's just as bad as his bitch mother.

agree with 74 and 86. You're husband is a dick if he didn't do anything about it

thats horrible :( they should've cooked some smores for you too!!

Smores? Is this an American thing? Please explain. They sound y

free2speak 14

I have lived here for 12 years and I am still not completely sure. I think it's when you roast marshmallows in fire... i know it has something to do with marshmallows (yummy!!). If that's not it then it's definitely when you roast marshmallows and put them in between two Oreo cookies (without the cream) although I think that's just an extended version of s'mores. wait... why am I replying and trying this essay? I'm bored. sorry. I know you still don't understand...

traditionally s'mores are roasted marshmallows and broken pieces of a Hershey chocolate bar (or chocolate chips) between graham crackers.

s'mores = Graham cracker (Digestive Biscuit for UK) Chocolate Toasted marshmallow (More chocolate if you like) Graham cracker

Digestive biscuit?? That doesn't sound appetizing at all! No wonder s'mores aren't popular overseas.... I guess a graham cracker by any other name does NOT taste as sweet.

#2 It's when you roast marshmallows, and but them between 2 pieces of graham cracker with a small piece of chocolate in between the marshmallow and graham cracker on either side. You should try it.

HaHa, no s'mores for you!!!

hahahahahahahahaha totally

Pocahontas22_fml 0

I say, go to your side of the family for Christmas this year!!

jst wanted to tell u that u are really pretty

^^ Hella yeah she is

shakethat 10

^^ agree!!

I have a cute girl as my profile pic...

You do Doc, but I doub you'd want people bring a creeper toward her :o

RedPillSucks 31

Words that few parents want to hear; Your daughter is hawt. Words that no kids want to hear; Your mom is hawt.

Anyone who gets close to my daughter will lose his testicles with alacrity.

crazedcabbages 0

wow at least u kno the real reason u were invited o.O

ThoraxeTheImpale_fml 0

have her light your Christmas lights in the middle of a snow storm.if you know what I mean.

abdefg 5

hahaha ew gross

Well, fuck. I don't get it. Explain what you mean for those of us with a mind that's not the result of too much porn.

desigirl2010 0

just by saying that you've indicated that it is somewhat of a sexual innuendo which negates your point. hehrhrhrgrhe. I can't fall asleep.

MegasaurusRex 0

Why would you even let her do that to you? You should have just left or at least told her you weren't going to do it...

White_Fury 0

Agreed! I would have left too.

chelle_starlight 0

was there hot chocolate too!?...sorry missed out...

DudeImBetter 0

ydi for not standing up for yourself.

agm2010 0

ydi for posting this .(;

That was pretty cold of her.

FYLwindowlicker 0

I see what you did there.

agm2010 0