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  wallandpiece  |  16

4 - just because you don't have a 'home' doesn't mean you don't 'live' anywhere. The two words are essentially unrelated because you can live somewhere without actually having a home.

  Bpwoods  |  6

I don't like to call people home less. A home is simply where you make it, whether it is in a box on the streets, or in a nice, safe house. I just like to say "house less".

  hutch66  |  13

What goes around comes back around, OP. I guess that's why they are on the streets and you aren't. Still shitty that you got mugged though.

  zandalee  |  19

I agree. Don't let this random mugging stop you from trying to improve the world. Too many people are not only dismissive but downright cruel to the growing homeless people.

  theannak  |  7

Why don't you go buy some new cloths for all the homeless people? Oh yeah, normal people can't afford that. Hey, if you can, you should take a couple home to stay with you while you're at it.

  jillybee101  |  7

Oh my bad, let me waste MY hard earned salary on someone without a job aye? I'm not saying all homeless people don't have jobs or could get one, but a lot of them are homeless because of choices they made.