By HazzaBoo - 07/08/2012 23:45 - United States

Today, I decided to help the homeless by giving them old clothes and food. In return, they decided to mug me. FML
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At least you know where they live.....

Bless you for kindness in this cruel world :)


lexiieeex3 32

I hate it when that happens.

I hate it when people like you get the first comment

ruabadfishtoo 0

Seems to happen a lot on here. I've seen a lot of FMLs involving a person and a homeless guy where the end result is unfortunate

Lindahhxd 7

Next time, come back with a tasty BLT sandwich and punk him.

Maybe they mugged you for giving them old food?


At least you know where they live.....

lexiieeex3 32

They don't live anywhere. Hence the term "home-less."

ummm this may be crazy....but I think #2 was making a joke?

Check the sewers.

4 - just because you don't have a 'home' doesn't mean you don't 'live' anywhere. The two words are essentially unrelated because you can live somewhere without actually having a home.

Redoxx_fml 22

Once OP finds them they really wont live anywhere

jillybee101 7

4- Your ignorance in that comment is mind boggling.

Leave 4 alone. She's probably 12 years old and into Justin Bieber, who happens to have a smartphone she obviously shouldn't have...

I don't like to call people home less. A home is simply where you make it, whether it is in a box on the streets, or in a nice, safe house. I just like to say "house less".

Clever. I chuckled at this.

At least you tried to be nice OP. Most people wouldn't bother. But indeed FYL

What goes around comes back around, OP. I guess that's why they are on the streets and you aren't. Still shitty that you got mugged though.

Bless you for kindness in this cruel world :)

I agree. Don't let this random mugging stop you from trying to improve the world. Too many people are not only dismissive but downright cruel to the growing homeless people.

Your heart was in the right place.

It might just be me, bear with me here... but, I'm almost certain that everyone's heart is in the same place.

Well, in the most unfortunate of circumstances, his heart could have been in multiple places.

A lot of people do not have a heart. Or it just pumps lumpy custard.

Maybe you should carry pepper spray :p

Seen the Liz Murray story? You should.

Taser maybe? Or get a CHL and carry a gun..

NoahStaz 3

At least you have a home to go back to

Well maybe he didnt appreciate how old the clothes were. What, is he not good enough for new clothes?!

theannak 7

Why don't you go buy some new cloths for all the homeless people? Oh yeah, normal people can't afford that. Hey, if you can, you should take a couple home to stay with you while you're at it.

jillybee101 7

Oh my bad, let me waste MY hard earned salary on someone without a job aye? I'm not saying all homeless people don't have jobs or could get one, but a lot of them are homeless because of choices they made.

That's not an eyegasm 9. It's a heartattackgasm.

I'm pretty sure I got an eyegasm.

Bet they wouldn't have if you gave them beer instead of food

iFizzgig 11

It's because you gave them old food

I'm so sorry! And I hope you're doing alright. It was a nice gesture, but there are some cruel people in this world. :/