By pisspantsjob - 31/07/2009 05:25 - United States

Today, at work, I fell asleep. This is how I discovered that when I'm sleeping, and am scared awake by my boss with an air horn, I yelp louder than a terrier and piss my pants. FML
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Lolzers glad he didnt fire your ass and instead played a funny prank on you


YDI for being a lazy ass piece of shit

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YDI for having a genital area

@#36, You're an idiot. OP, you got owned.

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His boss used an air horn? Do people fall aslep so often that he needs a horn...?

As #1 said ydi for sleeping. but atleast ur boss has a sense of humour

Lolzers glad he didnt fire your ass and instead played a funny prank on you

Haha you scream like a bitch. Ydi go sleep at home.

all i can say is 5 hour energy shot dude... or some depends

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Well since you didn't mention anything about it, I'm guessing you weren't fired.....that's good, right?

7th!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES Ok so, YDI for not being dead yet, having a job, a boss, being able to Sleep, pissing, wearing pants

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Please don't feed the trolls, #35... OP: Are you on an hourly wage? If you are, be glad that he decided to blast your face with the air horn. He could have just as easily blasted that nice check you get in the mail with the pretty numbers and the $ signs on it that lets you NOT get thrown out of your place of residence.

There are a lot of people with very poor bladder control entering FMLs ...

don't reveal the dark secret of this site. =O

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#17 that's right and I don't have a loose bladder it's my uncontrollable pooping that gets me...

If you're gunna do something dumb like sleep at work, at least have a sense of humour about yourself and stop wallowing.

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I bet you won't fall asleep at work ever again.