By MsConfusedd - 09/08/2012 14:51 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, I discovered that the only thing more disgusting than watching a little kid shove their finger up their nose and eat their fresh green mucus is watching your grandmother do the same. FML
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Glitterhinoceros 14

I might have just vomited a bit.

dankpotatoes 2

The salty ones are always the best


dankpotatoes 2

The salty ones are always the best

What the hell is wrong with you??? Eating boogers is disgusting! *Gags

Ashley0911 8

20 - I know, but it's not even funny (to me). The image is just too disgusting.

TheDrifter 23

Still not as bad as seeing a fresh one dangling from a finger while she's cooking.

Oh my god 25 imagine a green and bloody one just dangling and some one just sucking at it

What if they were picking each other's noses?

31 - Okay, you took it way to far there buddy. Do you enjoy this type of thing? xD

Tommy ate a booger that tasted like sugar.

Glitterhinoceros 14

I might have just vomited a bit.

jjohnson26559 1

Whoa we have the same birthday.

And thousands of other people have the same birthday too.

jjohnson26559 1

I would like to point out the same information to them as well.

Why does it say boners are your BFF on your profile?

I DID just vomit a little bit... that is so nasty.

Yea I definitely puked reading this fml I mean has no one heard of tissue it's not that difficult to come by

26 - Same here. This isn't the FML for sarcastic jokes or disgusting comments. That is on the same level as incest jokes for me. They're both so disturbing... XP

jjohnson26559 1

It's november 9th. In case you cared.

Me too. Fresh green mucus? Really? I love when I'm eating food and accidentally stumble upon these disgusting fmls. Lesson learned: dont eat anything whilst browsing the depths of this site

thatpeachyperson 12

I'm also welsh. I just thought I would share that with you.

djawesomness 0

You probably have a lot of sex bye the sight of you.

sidewaysponytail 0

Can anyone say illegal? Plus that's mean. She's OPs grandmother.

hockeychicl003 6

ya would you sell your own grandma?

My grandma don't eat booger she has class

54, your parents should sell you for skipping every English class in your life.

HowAreYouToday 34

I don't think anyone would buy a piece of shit that don't know no gramma'

63, I Don't need grammar running heavy equipment, maybe you should worry about your career instead insulting me. I'm much more successful then your ass.

79, Well, you do know how I live my life... You have every right to compare yourself to only one part of my body.

Yeah, it's not as cute watching old people do nasty things.

Glitterhinoceros 14

I don't think it's very cute to watch younger kids do it either.

jjohnson26559 1

She's gotta get her fiber somehow.

Protein* , and it would be a bad source of it.

Gross man. It's gross when little kids do it. But wow. They say the older you get the closer you get to being young again.

flutter4 7

I feel sorry for grandma. Maybe she has dementia?

Wtf does dementia have to do with eating boogers....

KiddNYC1O 20

Maybe impaired reasoning? ^

KiiwiiRox 6

She's just trying to get those old bats out of the cave lol I work at a nursing home and they're kinda like little kids, they don't know any better. At least it wasn't worse, like storing your farts in a jar and smelling them later....

Storing your farts in a jar and smelling it later? Challenge accepted

Hopefully, they at least looked like bacon to the consumer...

who does tht nose picking seems normal compared to tht