By MsConfusedd - 09/08/2012 14:51 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, I discovered that the only thing more disgusting than watching a little kid shove their finger up their nose and eat their fresh green mucus is watching your grandmother do the same. FML
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I might have just vomited a bit.

The salty ones are always the best


The salty ones are always the best

What the hell is wrong with you??? Eating boogers is disgusting! *Gags

It's called sarcasm.

20 - I know, but it's not even funny (to me). The image is just too disgusting.

Still not as bad as seeing a fresh one dangling from a finger while she's cooking.

Oh my god 25 imagine a green and bloody one just dangling and some one just sucking at it

What if they were picking each other's noses?

31 - Okay, you took it way to far there buddy. Do you enjoy this type of thing? xD

Tommy ate a booger that tasted like sugar.

Wtf that is disgusting

I might have just vomited a bit.

Whoa we have the same birthday.

And thousands of other people have the same birthday too.

I would like to point out the same information to them as well.

Why does it say boners are your BFF on your profile?

I DID just vomit a little bit... that is so nasty.

Of course you check out her profile -__-

Yea I definitely puked reading this fml I mean has no one heard of tissue it's not that difficult to come by

26 - Same here. This isn't the FML for sarcastic jokes or disgusting comments. That is on the same level as incest jokes for me. They're both so disturbing... XP

It's november 9th. In case you cared.

I was trying to eat. Not anymore.

Me too. Fresh green mucus? Really? I love when I'm eating food and accidentally stumble upon these disgusting fmls. Lesson learned: dont eat anything whilst browsing the depths of this site

I'm also welsh. I just thought I would share that with you.

You probably have a lot of sex bye the sight of you.

Pics or it didn't happen;)

Who would want to see those pics? XP

Put her on eBay and sell as a freak

Can anyone say illegal? Plus that's mean. She's OPs grandmother.

ya would you sell your own grandma?

My grandma don't eat booger she has class

54, your parents should sell you for skipping every English class in your life.

HowAreYouToday 34

I don't think anyone would buy a piece of shit that don't know no gramma'

63, I Don't need grammar running heavy equipment, maybe you should worry about your career instead insulting me. I'm much more successful then your ass.


79, Well, you do know how I live my life... You have every right to compare yourself to only one part of my body.

Yeah, it's not as cute watching old people do nasty things.

I don't think it's very cute to watch younger kids do it either.

Yeah, I didn't think that one through.

She's gotta get her fiber somehow.

Protein* , and it would be a bad source of it.

Gross man. It's gross when little kids do it. But wow. They say the older you get the closer you get to being young again.

I feel sorry for grandma. Maybe she has dementia?

Wtf does dementia have to do with eating boogers....

Maybe impaired reasoning? ^

She's just trying to get those old bats out of the cave lol I work at a nursing home and they're kinda like little kids, they don't know any better. At least it wasn't worse, like storing your farts in a jar and smelling them later....

Storing your farts in a jar and smelling it later? Challenge accepted

Hopefully, they at least looked like bacon to the consumer...

who does tht nose picking seems normal compared to tht