Cuddle time

By Anonymous - 12/12/2013 08:51 - Australia - Donvale

Today, my roommate, who happens to be a writer, got so pissed off at his editor that he got drunk, wrapped his arms around my waist, and only stopped when I agreed to spoon him. This is not the first time this has happened either. FML
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Sounds like your roommate has a crush on you. He only acts on it when the alcohol lowers his inhibitions.


Ya find a new flat mate, this guy sound weird

Yeah. If it's not the first time this has happened, then ydi for not moving the heck out the first time!

ya and writers are supposed to live alone in a castle, have huge beards and complain about the industry they work in...or that could just be Alan Moore.

Gay or straight, I don't appreciate people who don't respect boundaries. Even when I was in the locker rooms in high school for gym, I was cool with all the guys because I didn't look/gawk at any of them. They did their business and I did mine.. They don't need their privacy violated. But of course I would check them out in the hallways because... That's fair game ;)

Perhaps a padlock on the liquor cabinet is in order.

That is hardly going to stop him from buying more and getting drunk.

Then if I were OP, I'd padlock my bedroom door.

13. Unless he's broke, which he could be if he's a writer struggling to get published.

For getting drunk...? That's a bit over the top don't you think...?

No not for getting drunk , for making op spoon him or her

I wonder what gender OP is? If only there were a sign. Oh wait...

Sounds like your roommate has a crush on you. He only acts on it when the alcohol lowers his inhibitions.

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Sounds more like he uses alcohol as an excuse. Then later on he could say it was the alcohol.

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spooning does usually involve laying in a bed.

Two words. New Roommate. Probably better sooner than later...

Looks like we got another one with mommy issues.

Since when do guys ask to spoon with their moms?

Since when do grown ass men sob and asked to be spooned? I reiterate, mommy issues!

Rainhawk94 27

Get him a stuffed animal so he can spoon that