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By unknown - 02/11/2013 21:10 - Canada - Courtenay

Today, I sat down with my daughter to have the sex talk, because she recently started seeing a guy. I mentioned at one point how disappointed I would be if she got pregnant. She went wide-eyed and asked, "Didn't mom tell you?" FML
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Scorpio1691 29

I'm half wondering if she is pulling your leg, just to get a reaction.


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#1 He knock a teenage girl up. Oh yeah, He's a real nice guy:)

If he is having "The talk" with her now, then it means she is still young. 12 or 13 maybe :/

I'm pretty sure he didn't do it on purpose. Girls can want to have sex too, and even if she is using birth control it could have failed. No kind of birth control is 100% safe.

Not necessarily. Some parents don't have the talk with their kids, especially daughters, until they're 16 or 17 or even older because they don't want to accept that MAYBE the kid will start experimenting sooner than that.

DenBriZel 31

35- not entirely true. I was 15, almost 16, when I got with my first boyfriend. My mom never gave me the "sex talk" until after I confessed that I was no longer a virgin. And even then it wasn't a good talk. She's never been good with anything sexual. When she did talk to me, it was one of those "sex is bad and will kill you" talks. I'm a lot older, and she STILL talks that way about sex even though I'm engaged and have a daughter. Anyways, I got off track. My point is that some parents find the topic of sex a very difficult subject to bring up and try to wait until the last possible moment to start taking about it, so it doesn't necessarily mean that she's VERY young, though it is a good possibility.

My first and only real sex talk with my dad was when I was 16. He turned to me during a baseball commercial and said, "If you ever plan on having sex, it might be wise to get you on the pill." He then turned back to the TV and never brought up the topic every again.

This reminds me about when mom had my first "sex talk", I was about 4 and asked where babies come from. She took 2 dolls and pressed them together multiple times. I didn't understand until about 6 years later when I had my first sex ed class. :^| Ok, so the more explained sex talk I got was a few years later, but I still thinks it counts as my first...

#36 castration is 100% effective and dad is planning one for the boyfriend right now.

Adree 15

Having sex doesn't make someone a bad guy, not being smart doesn't make someone a bad guy. Not owning up to it and wussing out makes someone a bad guy. As long as he steps up to the plate and takes responsibility for his actions, he's alright.

pastafanatic 13

I didn't even have a boyfriend, and I was fourteen when my mom gave me the "sex talk" she wanted to make sure I was gonna be safe no matter if and when it was gonna end up happening.

Scorpio1691 29

I'm half wondering if she is pulling your leg, just to get a reaction.

One could only hope. Then I'd want to kill get for joking like that.

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"didn't mom tell you?" Is what the daughter said. Get it?

graceinsheepwear 33

Reminds me of that old joke. "...and the surgeon says 'I can't operate on him; he's my son'..."

22 - I thought that was a riddle? 'A father and son get in a car accident and are brought to the hospital, the doctor says "I can't operate on this boy, he's my son." How can this be?' - the doctor is the mother

Another way it could be, it's the grandfather talking About the boys dad. :) #32 I know that's not how the riddle actually goes but it's still a possibility.

@ 6, I actually didn't get it until you said. I'm an idiot.

Callilah 13

It's okay I didn't either:">

16 and pregnant casting is the only other option now.

saraitkddh 47

hope that she is just pulling a prank on you...

The_Tenth_Doctor 14

You sir, are way too late for the sex talk! Why would you wait until she has a boyfriend??

These days they're getting into relationships and having sex younger and younger. There was a 12 year old around my area who sold her virginity to a classmate last year (my younger brother goes to the same school) for a cheeseburger from Maccas.

I've never heard of this Maccas place, but they must make a damn good cheeseburger.

I wondered this, too. My mom figured if I was old enough to ask, I was old enough to know. At six I learned the biological definition of sexual intercourse. She gave honest, simple answers to my questions--no more, no less. By the time I began dating I knew what I was/wasn't ready for, birth control, condoms, even how to say "no" if I was uncomfortable. I'll do the same for my kids when they start asking.

kingdomgirl94 29

Maccas is what some countries call McDonald's.

24- People aren't having sex younger, people are getting married older.

If she wasn't joking then all that's left is to make sure she understands the seriousness of the matter and help her be ready.

AntiPrude 26

Definitely time to help her get an abortion.

SuperMew 22

There is nothing shameful in having an abortion. Politics aside, depending on how young Op's daughter is, she could very well be at risk if she kept the baby. I know a girl in our neighborhood who had parents who insisted she keep the baby. She ended up almost dying trying to keep the baby and had a miscarriage at 5 months. She was scarred. Op should put aside his anger and talk to his daughter about what she wants and what is best for her, the family, and the potential child. If the daughter is under 15, then it is not recommended she have the baby. If she is 16 and older, she might feel she is mature enough to have the baby and want to keep it. As easy as "have an abortion" or "keep the baby" is to say, it depends entirely on the family and the person who is pregnant. The daughter should have the final say, because it is her life and body.

Not a reason for abortion! I'm sure there is a family that would want a baby!

If it's a health risk, sure. But she should have been making better decisions for her life and body before. I'm blaming the parents, here, who waited too long for the sex talk. If she's not ready for a baby, they should be responsible for it.

AntiPrude 26

#44 i think the mental and physical health of the girl is more important than the want of someone else or your selfish intruding opinion.

enchantress95 7

if she is then hopefully like my parents they will help and support her thru it and help with the baby. and never tell her that its a mistake because no child is in gods eyes

#45, shame on you. Yes there is always adoption and a family who wants a child, but what about the already hundreds of kids in the USA waiting to be adopted? Also, if it is a health risk, emotional or physical, to the girl, no one should ever have to go through with giving birth if it is unsafe for them too. If she is a young girl, her body has not fully developed enough for her to safely carry a baby. She could either lose the baby, die herself, or both. So please next time keep your pro life opinion to yourself. Sometimes abortions are the only option.

45- it all depends on op and who they are. The age matters, the body could reject the baby, how mature they feel about having the kid or if they don't want it. I understand where you come from with the anti abortion and that's your preference and opinion on it but I would say that if they are very young, then they should go for the abortion. I know somebody who died giving childbirth to a still born and she was 13.