By PerfectTiming - 08/07/2013 11:19 - Netherlands - Eindhoven

Today, my dog decided to poop while inside a revolving door. Before I could do anything, the door swung around and smeared it everywhere. My dog excels at timing. FML
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Pwn17 25

Your dog really knows how to stir shit up.

"Just smile and wag my tail"


"Just smile and wag my tail"

Pwn17 25

Your dog really knows how to stir shit up.

Pull his tail three times and I bet he'll turn into the devil.

your dog should visit the banks that allowed people such crazy loans that ruined this country.

Aww you poor soul! You gotta clean that shit up too!

To clean up dog shit in a revolving door?

its like a giant kitchen aid stirring up chocolate batter....mmmmmm

oh that was too much haha!!

This comment was pure distilled awesome, I couldn't stop laughing for at least 3 minutes.

#6: Please seek help.

#29 please seek a sense of humor....preferably a twisted one.

challan 19

Then he'll get dizzy and puke... The clean up never ends in this scenario!

Comic timing. Something dogs excel at :)

That's quite the disturbing dream.

can your day get any "shitier"

Nope and neither can that comment.

assassinbanana0 20

Next time you should come up with a comical and original pun. This one was just bad

yea i can see your a comical genious

challan 19

I believe your dog is a evil mastermind. I can hear his chuckle from here. He may be half cat...

TheDrifter 23

If he was all cat and dog sized he would have rushed the door and smeared at a full run.

olpally 32

Of course, the drifter would know^^*looks at evil cat in profile pic* *runs like hell*