Wakey wakey

By sacked - 22/02/2010 19:51 - United States

Today, I was woken by my alarm. I got really tangled up in my blankets, and struggled frantically to untangle myself so I could turn off the alarm. I not only kneed myself in the face, but I accidentally punched myself in the nuts too. Hard. FML
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robhammer 0

Don't lie u were violently masturbating

This is exactly why I sleep naked... ladies.


coolster56 0

Idiot but you don't really deserve it and FIRST

YeahFMLxX 0

-.- you fail. like epic fail, as in the "running out of lowes only to fall over the hot dog vendor" fail..

the same thing sorta happen to my friend. except she found a pair of ladies thongs in her bf car. thought he was cheating, turns out he has been buying ladies undies/thongs and wearing them. he also confess to stealing hers and her sisters thongs. fyl fhl fmfl

^ lol wrong FML.

Bugatti_Veyron 1

NO NO NO! WRONG! it's "nobody likes roasted nuts!"

opps! indeed it is. lol

wow. Somebody needs to get laid...

Not sure how you did that but... FYL

Pball11 0

How did you manage to do that?

WTF 44 haha

Raiden353 0

@43. There's a hot dog vendor at your lowes? Epic!

This guy is as stupid as Plaxico Burress. Today, I shot myself. FML.

TempestJones 0

LMAO at robhammer's comment!!!! I was TOTALLY thinking the same thing... Just be more gentle when "Turning Japanese." Lols... Epic fail OP... Epic fail...

DarkRadiance1UP 0

how the fuck can you "acidently" punch your self in the giggleberries?

nolasaints 0

well your a spaz

giggleberries, lol.

YDI for reacting that way, spaz.

YDI for being a spazoid

#44WTF George Lopez!!!

allen20 0


I can clearly see your nuts.

soooo fake

All the way.

u totally coped that. I saw that a week ago.

lool last three words are that what he said!

I once did that when I was about to fall off my bed. it hurts. so much...

there's one at mine too and they have lemonade too :D

stonercircle 0

ugly ass veyron.

Jrook 0

good lord I feel sorry for whoever has (or attempts to) f**k you

not funny and fuck that must have hurt check that out

wow lol calm urself

I agree. How do you even do that...

This is exactly why I sleep naked... ladies.

because you enjoy having no cusion when you punch yourself in the nuts?

and that helps you how?

Did you happen to get the "...ladies" bit from a certain comedian I can't remember the name of? :/ You'll know what I'm talking about if I'm right... :D

oh yes cause we all follow random comedians... i say this and i have no vlue what ur talking about 

im2good25 0


@37 Lol, I love that guy... ladies. Hold up. That isn't quite right.

ndiesal 0

I bet that woke you up

bridgette5866 0

No, really? Can't imagine that it would have. Any normal person would sleep through that shit.

The possibility that you kneed AND punched yourself is pretty unlikely o_O OP, my friend, you are a spaz. :)

Hey man don't underestimate the power of blankets... they are sly bastards.

True, true. I'm a girl though. Don't be fooled by the name ;]

doink 0

Especially blankets with sleeves..

I used man as a generality. Like "dude you have nice tits"

CleanSheets 0

snuggies are pure evil

i f*ckin hate snuggies

Snuggies are poor, abandoned blankets that decided to become crappy robes.

purplemnm 9

stupid blanket trannies

blankets too confusing? get a snuggy

Snuggies are the spawn of Satan. ;~;

lonewolfxxx 0

then that must mean my aunt is the devil.

WTF suggies suck platypus shit!

htownlove 0

attack of the blankets! oh no!

you'll wake up with your arms tied up somehow

lonewolfxxx 0

Today, I got punched by an idiot trying to get out of his covers. FML

I love you for catching that!

Help! I'm trapped in a well and can't get out!.. ladies.

robhammer 0

Don't lie u were violently masturbating