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Today, after struggling with an eating disorder and hiding my symptoms for months, I got up the courage to tell my mom that I need help. Then she asked if an ice cream would make me feel better. FML
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If someone has an eating disorder..how do you think they'll answer that no matter how thin they actually are?

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nothanks, I don't know if you'll actually ever read this, but on the offshot that you do.... Stay strong. Eating disorders are an illness (despite what others may think). You did the right thing by going to your mom for support. I'm sorry she didn't support you. I went through the struggles of an eating disorder, too. I struggled with it for 2 years before finally seeking help. Now, 4 years later, I am finally to the point where I am moving on and living life without the eating disorder. Like I said, I don't know if you'll even see this, but if you do.....I saw that you are from Minnesota too. Park Nicolette has an amazing eating disorders treatment center called Melrose Institute. I strongly suggest that you give them a call. I had tried so many things and they were finally able to help me get better and move past my eating disorder. Stay strong, life will get better and you will beat your eating disorder.


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I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream :')

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Op are you anorexic or fat or what? Anyway eat some damn ice cream it's not gonna hurt.

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peanut butter chocolate is the best there is!

Chocolate chip mint is the best. Don't even try to argue.

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My sis had an ED and nobody in our family understood her except me. They said she was just being capricious and used her so-called ED as a reason for her terrible behaviour. And that she needed to forget that trick and persuading herself that she's got the imaginary disease. Why did I write all this? Because now you know that things can be worse, OP. At least your family understands that you have a disease.

depending on what extreme you're at. if you're skinny than this is not an fml because you need to eat more. if you're big than it is because that just mean on your moms part.

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Captain, no. You're gross. Illmatic, I will argue that. Actually chocolate chip cookie dough is. :P

No Raleigh, whenever I get cookie dough there is NEVER enough cookie dough. Very frustrating.

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...and once again my comment disappeared in an incredible way. :(

S'all good, here's some chocolate to feel better. :)

Chocolate chip Cookie Dough rapes everything else.

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Hmm, I believe I've encountered that problem once or twice myself. Still, it's the best. :]

Oreo is my favorite, cookie dough is definitely a close second, Mint chocolate chip is really good too. That would probably be my #3

44, I agree NEVER enough. I always buy raw cookie dough and mix it in :D 45: I read the comment, is your sister ok? ED suck. I used not eat because I convinced myself I was fat. You just gotta push through and learn to love yourself the way you are.

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By the way, Mona. I saw your comment, but there's that commenting bug that poofs them sometimes. :/

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ya Raleigh it hapened to me too :(

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Captain: doesn't* :] And how would you know?

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But if you ate it...wouldn't that mean you were on the road to recovery?

they had mint Oreo ice cream once, it was called grasshopper pie I think, n it was pretty good. Cookie dough ice cream is prolly my favorite though.

59- Mixing it in sounds like a great idea. I'll try that sometime. Chocolate chip mint is still the best.

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Nope cold stone creamery apple pie a la cold stone. That is the best. It's got apple pie filling, graham cracker crust crumbles, caramel, and sweet cream ice cream. I know what I want now.

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Plain old chocolate is heaven for me. Although coffee icecream does work wonders...

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Cakebatter icecream ftw!!!!!

hmm...ICE CREAM FTW!!!! but go get pofessional help, they have Oreo flavour.

65 :D and for reason this kinda stuff only happens to girls and then they post it here I haven't seen a male who complained about weight so far...

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59, yes, luckily she is okay now, thanks for asking! but it took 2 years and still I think it's a rare fortune because the doctor told us that the remission comes only in 30% of cases:( haha yeah, Raleigh, fml isn't fml if it's without bugs :D

Well actually ice cream would make it better... I'm confused

Normally I'm more of a fruit than a chocolate lover, but I make exceptions for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. :) Especially Ben & Jerry's. Though I tried my hubby's brownie cheesecake flavor last night, and I must say, the rest of that pint may disappear when he goes back to work tomorrow. >.<

She really does mean well. Maybe she thought the ice cream would help you crave for sugar and milk

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ice cream is overrated. oreo ice cream ftw, though

18 needs some ice cream. And a shirt.

JaneDoe: The Cheesecake Brwonie is my all time favorite ice cream! It's so good! My fiance knows he can't keep it in the house! LOL

I like how someone says ice cream n this turns into a fav ice cream forum. I feel like the ice cream would help. since u have an eating disorder. yanamsayin? oh, Oreo ftw! Oreo blizzards pwn all.

ydi for being a fat-ass with an eating disorder lol i hate you fat people

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I think I might know where part of your eating disorder comes from...

It could actually hurt. The guilt someone with an ED could feel after eating something they are uncomfortable eating is unbearable. It could cause her/him to experience significant emotional turmoil, and could even cause them to hurt themselves.

Eating disorders are dieseas that panseys make up with their lack of self-confidence.

I don't understand why girls have eating disorders. op ydi eat some damn ice cream :) mmm

129 go die . and everyone else who just said "get over it "

If OP has anorexia, then it's quite inconsiderate to offer them ice-cream, because anorexics tend to avoid food because they're afraid of gaining weight, or possibly afraid of the food itself. Either way, ice-cream isn't the best solution...

I'm gonna have to say 1 scoop of cookie dough ice cream, one scoop of Oreo ice cream. best of both worlds:)

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generic fml users a dude with his shirt off a chick makin a duck face a fag somones dog

birthday cake ice cream is THE BEST! with Oreos and cookie dough barely mixed in. it's amazing. :)

Ben & Jerry's ice cream ftw! :D cookie dough flavour is the shit ^_^

I love how all the comments are about ice cream and totally ignoring the much more serious FML issue beneath... So yeah, mint chocolate chip owns. Let's keep talking about ice cream!

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it's all about that chocolate chip cookie dough icecream :D

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haha OP your mom is the coolest person i never met :)

Its probaby just a reflex. Lots of people like give their kids ice cream to feel better :D

illmatic i agree nothin ever beats mint choco chip its like gravity its just a fact of life

its odd what people do when they find out a loved one has eating disorders. I struggled with anorexia for years. when the truth came out it was completely amazing that relatives, neighbors, my parents friends everyone it seemed like showed up at the house with food for me or trying to take me out to eat. I am older not and recovered and realized they were just trying to help, but at the time it wasnot what I needed. I needed treatment. Eating disorders do not go away by the "right " person offering the "right" food. LOng days in treatment help it.

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Nu uh!! Snickers flavor is the best :P

If someone has an eating disorder..how do you think they'll answer that no matter how thin they actually are?

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that sucks, I'm sorry OP. next time keep it from your mom?

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I think I might have one cuz I'm like nervous to eat in front of ppl :/

That doesn't necessarily mean you have one, but it's a warning sign. You should do a little research about eating disorders to figure it out, and if you do, get help. Eating disorders kill.

that's not necessarily an eating disorder, could be anxiety or some sort of social phobia. You still eat, just not in front of people?

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#109 when I'm home I eat quite a bit but it seems like when I go to my boyfriends and eat I feel like I'm gonna throw up sometimes I even do

Have you ever searched for answers for why this happens? I would say it's some sort of phobia

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when school starts I'm gonna talk to a counselor

Family are too close to you and they are prob scared and just show it in other ways because they dont know what else to do. somethimes the best thing to do is get outside help from a 3rd party. Good Luck!!!