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Today, I decided I need help, so I confessed to my mother that I'm bulimic. After she looked it up online she started screaming at me for "Wasting food that I'm not paying for." FML
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OP, I'm sorry 90% of the people in this thread are being assholes. I'm a recovering bulimic myself and I know how hard it can be. If your mom doesn't understand, please seek therapy so you have someone to listen to you and help you through these difficult times. And to everyone giving her crap for "wasting food middle Eastern kids could eat," it's not as though she's physically stealing food from underprivileged. Her not throwing up her pizza isn't going to buy one for a refugee camp. If you're so concerned about starvation, donate food or money or time to charities helping them instead of sitting around mocking someone on the internet. You might think you're Mother Theresa, but bitching on FML isn't putting food on anybody's plate.

Lame. That sucks that your mother did not react how you needed her to. I hope she comes to be more supportive. I wish you the best in your recovery.


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I didn't know you could lose your hearing from starvation.

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What ignorant asses all of these people who like these negative comments telling this person they deserve that. Your obviously unaware of just how serious an eating disorder is. Most likely you assume it's all a selfish act of the person trying to change their image, when in reality it's so much more. It's a battle for control and it's a terribley hard thing to go through. I hope all of y'all get enlightened on why exactly and eating disorder is because it is a disease and nobody deserves their mother criticizing them for it. Sweetheart I'm very sorry for what your mother said and for all these ass holes. If your looking for a treatment center try childrens medical center. It's truly a magnificant program. Best of luck :)

justdancebbyx3 7 be fair...the economy IS tough right now.

Yeah, in America. I'm pretty sure Bulgaria's just peachy. Seriously, Americans using the internet: you are not the only country with access to computers. And lots of things happen outside your country. Seriously.

Yeah, in America. The entire world hasn't been effected, and Bulgaria isn't exactly a hop and a skip away from the US. Hell, even next door in Canada our recession is over. There's a whole world outside of your country, you know.

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ok bulimic people dont think like that u guys. They just want soooo badly to lose weight but they dont want anyone knowing they have a problem. So they eat wen they people expect them to and get rid of it in private. I know its hard to understand and there are so many people that would give anything to be able to have the food others are wasting, but the person whose is bulimic is suffering a lot too so...try to be a little more sensitive

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ok bulimic people dont think like that u guys. They just want soooo badly to lose weight but they dont want anyone knowing they have a problem. So they eat wen they people expect them to and get rid of it in private. I know its hard to understand and there are so many people that would give anything to be able to have the food others are wasting, but the person whose is bulimic is suffering a lot too so...try to be a little more sensitive

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wtf, why would you say she should go bulemic??? i happen to have a very close bumemic family member, and believe me, its not funny, so stfu until you learn first hand what a real ******* eating disorder is. and for all those idiots (minus a few) commenting below me, this isnt a matter of wasting food that "the middle eastern kids could have eaten" or her being arrogant enough to worry about her figure (but then again, i dont know her reasons for resorting to bulimia). its a DISORDER people!! she cant simply snap her fingers and stop this because its revolving around her lack of self confidence or self worth. also speaking as a bystander, i think the OP should do whatever it takes to get healthy again, if not her themselves, then for their families because its terrible having to watch a loved-one doing that to themselves. OP, i hope you get better and please try and make this as easy on your loved-ones :)

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I was just joking about my comment... I mean this is fml so what's the big deal if I'm kidding around? lol. And I know how serious they are... I took health class and learned how bad eating disorders are

I love how everyone's like OMG ITS A DISORDER!!!! Step 1: Eat the food. Step 2: Don't stick your fingers down your throat. Step 3: Poop it out the next day. HOW CAN YOU **** THAT UP!? Go smoke a ******* bowl or something. You'll be begging for a PB&J after that.

I don't think that anyone really understands bulimia? Proper bulimia is not a lifestyle choice, it is a proper mental illness that needs treatment. Would you say a schizophrenic person is stupid or unfocused because they have psychotic delusions? No, you wouldn't. In the same way, you wouldn't say someone is wasting food because they're bulimic. If you were joking then, a little bit insensitive, but okay. If you weren't joking and ACTUALLY think that bulimia is food wastage, you really need to get into touch with reality.

Seriously, eating disorders are as addictive as drugs. I should know.

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You little BITCH a eating disorder is a physical,and mental thing. Burn in hell you miserable ****.

people are madd ignorant. ignore your mom. my parents said they try to fit in getting me help for my bipolar disorder. you just have to ignore them and keep pushing for what you want and need. and most importantly, ignore the ignorant assholes commenting your story.

and depending on how long she has been suffering from bulemia it might be out of her hands now and everytime she eats.. even if she doesnt want to throw up, her body might do it automatically becauwe it has gotten used to this lifestyle... she could be begging for help and trying to stop but her body wont let her.

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I'm curious to know why United States and Japan together have more deaths related to eating disorders than the rest of the world combined. This really isn't that serious a disorder in most other parts of the world.

i agree with mom. ydi it. if u want to be bulemic be bulemic on ur own food that u pay for

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It's a disease you dipshit. It's like depression, it's actually caused by something, not just stupid weight loss shit. Depression's caused by chemical imbalance in brain if you didn't know that you stupid idiot. And to the OP, sorry for your mom being a retard that doesn't understand you hope things gets better!

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#49 Uhh, we're aware of that, idiot.

lol i agree with #1 and plus she probably just wants attention. #39 stfu.

Are you stupid? Stop feeding the trolls dumbass.

You are a complete idiot. Bulimia, anorexia, overeating.. they are all illnesses like alcoholism and drug abuse are. I've struggled with bulimia for 15 years now and have been in and out of treatment centers with years of recovery and years of relapse. Much therapy, insurance money paid, out of pocket money paid.. I know it is JUST like having a drug/alcohol problem. And it has NOTHING to do with wanting to lose weight. It is all about addiction to food or control. If you think it is simply a matter of "JUST DON'T THROW UP!" you are seriously misinformed. That is like telling an Alcoholic-- "HEY! JUST DON'T DRINK!!" It IS in fact a DISEASE, a DISORDER, an ILLNESS.. whatever you want to call it. ...with the HIGHEST death rate of any mental illnesses ...affecting nearly 8 million Americans Eating Disorders are one of THE MOST overlooked and played down diseases out there. Next time, learn the facts before you run your mouth.

Anorexia and bulimia have the highest fatality rates of all mental illnesses, due to health issues and suicide. It is a major problem everywhere, but particularly in the western world.

@49: From what I've seen lately, there's more people on this site bitching about *all* Americans being ignorant assholes than there are Americans who are ignorant assholes. Everyone who claims that all or even most Americans are ignorant is not only hypocritical, but is also stereotyping. All you assholes need to stop hating on America. People hate on America no matter what we do, and it's seriously getting old. Plus, the recession was GLOBAL - even though some countries are coming out of it earlier than others, ALMOST EVERY COUNTRY WAS AFFECTED. Learn what you're talking about instead of making random shit excuses to flame Americans. As for the actual topic, everyone saying you can just choose to stop being bulimic and instantly be done with it is an idiotic asshole. Bulimia is a disorder and takes serious therapy to get over. It's not wasting food if you can't help it. She said she is trying to get help for it, so obviously she doesn't WANT to be bulimic - as if anybody really does.

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Yes, no matter what us Americans do, people have something to say about it. We AREN'T the only country with idiots, teenage mothers or fat people. I swear if we came up for a cure for cancer, someone would find some fault with it

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i didn't know there were other countries. Are they new cuz I'm silly American... Gorillaz rock!

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Then I guess you should be the first to die huh?

Not trying to be an asshole, but this seems fake... But if this is real, I'm sorry, I am in the dance industry and see many girls go in and out of eating disorders. I hope you can get over it.

Good for you for having the courage to actually admit it, your mom is a **** for reacting the way she did. People need to **** off and realize that it IS a disease, and is one of the hardest things to stop. PS; the whole reason I'm replying to this comment haha, Cooks sucks for their treatment center.. at least the one in Ft. Worth. Good luck with everything hun, it's hard, but you can do it!

First, of all ur mom must be an ignorant bitch to have to first look it up then yell at you. Second, where the **** is Bulgaria assholes?! Third, Its not a waste of food. What is she supposed to do? not eat? its an illness you bastards! Fourth, good luck with your recovery girl! (sorry 4 calling your mom an ignorant bitch. I couldn't help it)

"wait you can read minds?" haha yea stop wasting food, if your fat do something about it like exercising instead of puking ur guts out. No one wants to go out or be affiliated with a person who smells like barf all the time jeez just learn how to eat properly its not a disorder its just something girls who are born nasty do

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bahahahahaahhahaha sad, but very true. 0.o just dont do anything el stupido :]

Don't listen to these idiots. It's not your fault and you are very brave to get treatment.

276 for the hate on America deal fucken thank you. OP I really do not know much about it other then the fact of how horrible it is and your mom is just being a bitch.

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that totally sounds like my mom

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omfg u deserve to die in hell. you don't know how serious bulimia and anorexia is. they have no control. god, f**k u.

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you know what, my 9 year old baby sister had anorexia when she was 7 and it's not ******* funny so shut the hell up, or I'll shut you up myself.

it's a big deal because an actual person wrote this. u giving her crappy feedback like that isn't going to help her obviously low self esteem

Lame. That sucks that your mother did not react how you needed her to. I hope she comes to be more supportive. I wish you the best in your recovery.

Yea I definitely agree. And I completely know where you're coming from. I had the exact thing happen with my mom not too recently ago. She flipped out about how "selfish" I was being for wasting food. Unfortunately not everyone can understand the condition.

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************ u a[[arently dont know how serious eating disorders r

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Did your keyboard have a seizure or something?

Really? How much food to you give to those kids? Well? You ******* hypocrites.

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Yeah. I have the feeling I'm more likely to believe it's an OMFG serious disorder!!!!!1!!! when I hear about it being rampant in Haiti or Somalia. Fat hogs just think they've come up with a clever way to eat every goddamn thing in sight and still lose weight.

Okay Einstein, you obviously don't know what an eating disorder is. There are many more disorders that are actually physically visible as well and just mental that people suffer with more in the United states than any other parts of the world. Go read a Damn book for once before you speak!

You won't hear about Cystic Fibrosis in Haiti, because it's more common among Caucasian Europeans and Americans. That doesn't mean it's not a serious disorder. Shut the **** up until you learn what you're talking about. The people in extremely poor countries don't have food available, so eating disorders aren't present. Eating disorders require food, but they lead to malnutrition just like the lack of food in those countries. Anorexics can look similar to starving people if they have very serious anorexia, because they're starving themselves. The same goes for serious bulimics.

First world problems. I throw up my food cause I think I'm fat. I'm sorry, but I agree, it's a waste of food, it's a first world problem, and it's actually kind of pathetic. I realize "eating disorders are a serious issue," but seriously, it stems from having so much we have image issues, and don't see wasting food as a problem. In a third world country, they don't have this problem because they don't have enough to eat, so this would be viewed as a waste. They would look at OP with disgust, yet we comfort them. It's just startling to see the difference in cultures.

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thats disgusting, who would store puke to feed to animals?? further more, wouldn't the stomach acid kind of hurt them??

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squirrels can eat rat poison after getting used to it in small doses. Im sure they can take digestive fluids especially if it drains into the soil.

wtf? her saving up minor amounts of food is insignificant, because transporting any of it to places where there are famines costs more than the food itself.

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it would be cheeper here if less people bought that much food. it all adds up. People in my country too are starving. if it gets cheeper that means they can buy more food so that they don't starve. 3rd world countries are closer than you think. And if there was a shortage of demand here and the big companies needed to sell their over stocked products because nobody was eating a lot of them, i bet they would sell them to pourer countries at a discount, rather than throwing them away.

She doesn't deserve this! It's not like she wants to be bulimic

I am really sorry about that. It seems like most people don't understand how you feel. Well I do, and i know it is much harder than that. I hope you can get through it, Eating Disorders are very hard to get over with. I with you the best of luck.

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People are SO ignorant..learn what an eating disorder is before saying dumb, insensitive things! There is hope so don't listen to the nasty is very brave of you to go to your mother for help.. ifshe cannot be supportive find someone else that is..look up support groups.. you will get there..don't get discouraged..good luck!

wow, your mom knows exactly what to say. I'm sorry she reacted that way, please seek help from someone who will listen and help you get the treatment you need.

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