By HanBroman - 17/03/2014 08:05 - Australia - Sydney

Today, while I thought I'd never had an orgasm, my doctor informed me that I'm actually having orgasms almost every time I have sex. They just feel like utterly frustrating, slightly painful, unpleasurable and completely unsatisfying muscle contractions. FML
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Op here, I know the doctors right. It's something I'd suspected for a while but I guess I was in denial. before it happens it feels nice, like I'm getting really close and then BAM all the pleasure stops and is replaced by frustration and sensitivity until i have to ask him to stop because it's so unpleasant. (I've tried pushing on and eventually it goes numb) and this is predominantly from clitoral stimulation. internally i feel even less. I've tried everything. vibrators, special lube, oral (which I actually hate), all kinds of things. I have an extremely supportive boyfriend who is willing to try absolutely anything but nothing helps and it's been a year since we became sexually active. it's become very hard for me to get turned on now since I find there's nothing to look forward to about sexual activity.

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RedPillSucks 31

How would the doctor know whether you're having an ****** or not? Is he the one having sex with you? Time for... 1. 2nd opinion 2. Discussion with partner 3. Sex appliances 4. ???? 5. Profit!!!

DedicatedNova 13


DedicatedNova 13

Agreed. That's probably the worst thing to be told. "You're orgasms are not pleasurable so it won't be ideal to have sex for fun, just reproduction." I'm so sorry OP.

She can still have sex for fun, it's not just about the ******. It sucks not being able to experience it, but sex can be fun in other ways.

I said it wouldn't be ideal to have sex for fun..

#98 why not? I can still have fun pleasuring my partner and what I have is still fun. why isn't that ideal?

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atleast OP is having sex.. some of us are still virgins..

PresidentNorth 16

You're like 12 dude. Lol there's no reason to worry about sex for you for a long time.

Jazzy9999 19

#15, actually, he's only a year yonger than you. Chill out a little, dude.

EphMi 5

if he's 12, i think sex is probably the most worrying thing on his mind right now.

PresidentNorth 16

#31 ya I went and did research to buddy. but FML editing didn't work out In time so I have to stay committed to my comment.

Jazzy9999 19

Why don't you do research BEFORE you comment or make assumptions? It would save you a lot of trouble.

PresidentNorth 16

Why does it matter to you so much to prove people wrong? You're only attacking me because you probably get the same thing done to you. I was wrong at the time but I tried to fix it in the allotted time FML gave me I just wasn't fast enough. sorry mister perfect.

Jazzy9999 19

I wasn't attacking you, I'm sorry if you felt that way. And that's never happened to me before. Why? Because I research before I make assumptions so I'm never in predicament like yours

You know you guys can message each other instead?

Fr0gs 15

Lost me at "research people" thats just creepy cmon man

Still virgin at 18? Dude... Welcome to the friends one club haha. Get out there, make a fool of yourself trying to flirt, get drunk, and live a little!! You'll learn what "works" and what doesn't work. That's the only way to test the waters so to speak. I was holding my V-Cards all high school (got my confidence built up doing other things) and eventually lost my virginity at university 0-week; 4some with three girls who refused this cocky/confident guy was a virgin. Go out there and live!!

What is wrong with being a virgin at 18 or even older i think it's a great thing.!!!

All of you calm down. at least you have something to look forward to.

Coeliacchic93 21

who cares when you have sex. I'd rather make love to someone I love than just go out and have sex with anyone putting myself at risk of STD's and whatnot.

I'm quite afraid a doctor would tell me the same thing if I went to one about it

thatgirlc 10

Really y'all I'm 19 and I'm still a virgin and the only one out of my friends.

You might have the worst luck ever...but I feel like you're/he's doing it condolences. Try a vibrator? Or your hand. Anything really.

There is a new one on the market called a Rabbit! Bloody hell! If that doesn't bring you to highly pleasurable ******, nothing will.

NiceGuysDoWin 21

Don't know where you are from, but the rabbit isn't new. It's been around for nearly 2 decades. Though I'd agree that it's wife loves hers. You might also want to try a Hitachi. Much stronger motor leads to stronger vibrations leads to stronger orgasms.

RedPillSucks 31

How would the doctor know whether you're having an ****** or not? Is he the one having sex with you? Time for... 1. 2nd opinion 2. Discussion with partner 3. Sex appliances 4. ???? 5. Profit!!!

I assumed she described what she had been feeling during sex to the doctor and he confirmed that they were orgasms. Otherwise it is indeed odd.

Yeah I explain it in my other comment; #24 vv

Aren't two of those rules of the internet?

Try some alone time to work out what feels good and what you like. Then maybe show or tell your partner.

A true FML if there ever was one. My condolences, Op. :(

Wizardo 33

Well maybe its a condition or something to do with your nerves? Anyway seek more opinions and advice to aid you.

Maybe your partner just needs to spend a lot more time with their head in your land down under!