By learntmylesson - 03/07/2010 04:15 - France

Today, I politely asked my friend if she would repay me the £20 she owes me. She shouted at me, called me an insensitive bitch, and refuses to pay me back as apparently she can't afford to. Her holiday to Italy next week begs to differ. FML
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I know how you feel! I have a similar situation. Lent a friend a decent sum of money...few years on still waiting to get paid back. It sucks cos you think your helping someone out and they just take the piss!!

varkey 7

why are you friends with her?


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Take your money. Seems that the only way the bitch will learn.

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I wish I waS first :( .., is that ur gf?! #1?

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im only INTERESTed in giving money to girls who are my friends wth benefits. That way ill get a Prepetual Return On Investment. get it :)

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#7 wait?!? who's that lol soo Its not his gf right?! If it's not.. that's a FAIL lol

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7 you saying chubbycakes is ok with what he is doing?

Beat her out of her. Show her the video where Stewie beats up Brain the dog because he owed him some money. That'll teach her.

Well, that's the story of my life. everyone where I live is rich as he'll. And when you let them borrow money when you KNOW they dont have any with them, they don't pay you back b/c they "can't afford it". Which is so not true.

yea way to be so insensitive. obvs she doesn't have much money left if she's going to Italy. try to be a lil more understanding and patient.

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she spent all her money on the Italy trip.....?

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well OP you could rob them when they leave and get your money back that way duh and learnt is terrible grammar I'm not a grammar Nazi but yea it's learned

#3 about #1- haha no lmao, he photoshopped some chick into his picture, you can see the outline around her

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charge intrest or just dnt be her friend and forget all about her.

I know how you feel! I have a similar situation. Lent a friend a decent sum of money...few years on still waiting to get paid back. It sucks cos you think your helping someone out and they just take the piss!!

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Same here, $45. I was in grade 11; I'm a junior at college now. Still waiting. But she got mad when I didn't loan her $20 a few months ago.

your picture is awesome. I'd make out with a panda too.

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the pic would be better with less clothes

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People always yell "first!!!!" well you know what? 9th!!!! that sucks op

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You moderators are out of control.. I said "that sucks op" and they remove it. Go jump off a bridge god dang.

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next time don't lend any1 money

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uhm...i was kidding. but thank you for your lovely words of ignorance :] much appreciated...

sorry 16 don't mean to be a dick or asshole but i can't tell wether your male or female sorry but that's just my the dick or asshole that couldent tell

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naah 16 is a gothic dude, obviously.

Her profile says she's female, and the pink outline around her pic should make it obvious. Sure, he/she could be lying, but if he/she were, they would just as easily lie in the comments.

to clear it up...i am female...i just dress and tend to make it where i look more masculine, what isn't in this picture however is the dead giveaway that i am a female-my very noticeable boobs.

They're probably on the app and can't go the profile or see any pink outline. Hopefully that will come to the app soon. At least now we can see when comments have been moderated.

68- Huh? I'm on the app and it has the outline :P

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well yeah fyl she totally overreacted and it seems she's lying -- Italy is pretty much rubbing your face in that fact. but perhaps she's like behind on rent or something maybe 'cause of her trip?

She definitely over-reacted even if OP is severely underplaying her role in the argument. But she may not be lying. I know right before I go on holiday and right after I get back are when I have the least amount of money to spare.

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Well yeah ImaginaryFoe but the point is you don't go on expensive trips when you owe money, first you pay your debts, then you go on a trip with what you have left, or you stay home and make sure you don't get in the situation where you'll need to borrow money again so you can go on your next holiday with no worries. I hate people that have money problems like debts and stuff and then they decide they should go on holiday in another country. If you really want a holiday and you know you don't have the money just postpone or go somewhere cheaper and neared to your home.

I agree with the principle of what you're saying, good_times, but it is possible that the friend started paying for the trip a year ago or something and became shorter with her money over time but couldn't get her money back. I'm not defending her actions or justifying the stupidity of a splurge while bumming off of others but there could be extenuating circumstances. Still, it is just £20 and if you owe it to someone, skip a couple of meals if that's what it takes to pay it back. Downgrade your hotel room for one night. It's not worth your dignity.

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she sounds like a mooch and a crappy friend..I'd demand it back

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push her down and steal her wallet xD no jk but that's messed up