By Shoofly - 04/03/2011 22:54 - United States

Today, while at Subway, I looked on as an employee killed a fly with his hands. He then continued working without a second thought. He was making my sandwich. FML
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YDI if you didn't speak up.

Just walk away and get a sandwich elsewhere.


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Aaand that is why women should be the ones making the sandwiches.


fyl? are you kidding me. well op if your that naive and stupid and would not stand up for your rights there is no one to help you! so don't complain and tell him to wash his hands and do not be shy, since you are the one eating the sandwich no that fly killer dude!!

atleast it was fresh...

YDI if you didn't speak up.

Fucking comment bug!! Could a moderator please have this deleted?

lol I also agree! op should have asked for themto wash their hands and make a new sandwich.... lol

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hey, more protein right? lol

Damn, I'd've eaten it anyway!

OMFZ is that a DOUBLE contraction?

I would have asked to speak with the manager, then walked out, called corporate and complained.

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I would have probably complained and gotten them fired... >:D

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yep yep u shoulda said something

exactly. I would have just turned around and walked out (the subways around me never have a manager and usually only one employee working)

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You would have to be an inconsiderate, bitchy asswipe to want to get someone fired. Just ask them to wash their hands and make a new one. Win Win situation.

free extra meat! yummy

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#83 your a moron. if you have a problem speak up.. dumbass

Just walk away and get a sandwich elsewhere.

that's disgusting. but YDI you gotta say something

eww thats gross u should have told him

It coulda been a lot worse. At least he didn't kill a rat with his bare hands.

I think a bug is much worse (>_<)

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that's disgusting.

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Extra ingredients should cost more lol you tight

fake.. all subway sandwich makers must wear gloves..

If you paid for it and ate it then you deserve it. Shoulda said something or walked out.

You should have told him that you're not eating that because his hands were dirty and demand that he wash his hands and remake it. That's what I would have done. You're the customer, and if you're running the risk of an infection or illness just because an employee's hands are dirty, then you deserve a clean sandwich.