By mista_sandy - 11/04/2012 16:54 - Canada - Toronto

Today, a guy asked me out and said he was going to take me to a fancy restaurant where they make the food in front of you. I love Japanese food, so I was really excited. We went to Subway. FML
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He didn't lie

Maybe he will take you to Wendys when your relationship reaches "the next level". XD


C94_ 0

He didn't lie

Why did OP assume it was going to be Japanese? And why is she complaining about getting a free sandwich?

NoisyNykkii 10

17- Some fancy Japanese restaurants show you barbecue your food, so it really isn't a mystery why OP would think that.

Lots of restaurants do that, and OP could have just asked "What restaurant are we going to?" and she wouldn't have had any further problems.

nofearjenshere 12

Hibachi resturaunts are amazing!

I'm also wondering why the OP automatically assumed that making food in front of you automatically implies Japanese food. On the other hand, the guy did say "fancy restaurant" so it was misleading.

xoconnie 8

#1 do u consider subway fancy then? lol come on man! OP, he was probably trying to b funny, if not, FYL, because im just wondering what he would consider NOT fancy if he thinks subway is...... lmao

Mc donalds, that's what.

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The only restaurant I've ever been to that makes the food in front of you is Japanese restaurants. I know there are others, but I think it's the most common which is why OP thought that. But still, free food is free food, unless he made her pay.

He never said he was taking you to a Japanese restaurant, but if he drove past a really fancy place that serves food in front of you, stopped then drove to Subway then that would have been awesome. FYL if only for the fact that Subway is terrible.

It sounds like you just said yes because you thought he was taking you to a fancy restaurant.

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I agree with 1. Maybe he can make up for it later by "eating fresh"

This guy is a genius

At least you got asked out, eh?

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Subway is a million times better than any Japanese restaurant on the planet!!

I think the Guy sounds pretty funny, unless he actually thinks subway is fancy

sutianneli 13

The comment alone isn't funny, but with the profile pic...

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Lool thank you.

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I was at an Asian restaurant and they only made he sushi in front of us.

way to manage expectations

He was joking, I'm sure. :)

Subway, eat fresh!

coolboy675 16

McDonald's, I'm loving it!

Burger king have it your way

Why would you assume it's Japanese food? lol

Oh that's made my day! So funny!!

manyourlifesucks 0

Because at japanese steakhouses they have a skilled chef perform cool tricks with knives and you sit around in a half circle and watch him showcase his cooking ability and the food tastes absolutely dandy. I take it you've never been to a place like that.

Subway is fancy lol, least he didnt take you to Mc Dicks or Freckle Bitches xD !!!

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Ohhhh. How fancy! A place that makes sandwiches in front of you! Geez, and I thought he was going to take you to one of those tepanaki places.

That was the point.

Sigh... What people post just to try and be the first comment...

No way! I thought the same thing too! Then again, I also thought for a second that I was reading an intelligent comment here....

It was sarcasm jeez you people are harsh on here

No 85, it was a FAILED attempt at sarcasm. We're not being harsh, the comment was just stupid.

Don't worry 85, the wickedness of the FMLers grows on you, you'll love to hate it eventually. Next thing you know, you will be cussing out some idiot for using "your" instead of "you're."

85- wtf do you mean by "you people"?!

#109 Imma take a wild guess and assume that #85 meant the people that commented..

It was a joke. Jeez where's everyone's sense of humor tonight?

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I left it at Subway.

You're just not funny

prettyladyjo 2

This is the best comment I've read.. Im tearing up :) lol

because subway is so fancy.

Dammit, I thought I was getting my money's worth from their logo engraved napkins. Oh well

In certain parts of North America it is the only option around, so to some it is really fancy.

An old bf of mine once told me he was taking me to this nice new restaurant, the golden arches. Turned out to be McDonalds.

Maybe he will take you to Wendys when your relationship reaches "the next level". XD

I don't get it..

skyttlz 32

I'd have to say subway's a bit fancier than wendy's. Just sayin.

No, Carl's Jr. That's divine.

if she ever complains about this he'll be like "FINE we'll have it your way!" and take her to burger king

I don't have a Carl's Jr... I want to try the food so bad!

jjstock 7

Haha let's have it your way,that was great! Lol

Lol, it would be hilarious if he took her through the drive thru.

I know, are you joking? Subway is 1000x better.

Subway is ******* amazing!

Comment of the day. ^

The thumbs say otherwise.

No the thumbs on your comment say otherwise.

So no five dollar footlongs for you then?

Loll let's hope he has a footlong to make the date worth her while in any case!

Ha! I wanna high five him right now.

That guy deserves a medal

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