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By ewww - 05/07/2020 17:01

Today, I went to visit my grandma at her old folks’ home. The soup she got for lunch was cold so I took it to the dining room to heat it up. As I put it in the microwave, a slow clap started behind me. I had to stand and wait for soup to heat while being wolf-whistled by a bunch of grandpas. FML
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tell that to your daughter one day.

Plot twist: The soup was gazpacho and the slow clap was sarcasm


Hey, now you have a target demographic! Learn some stripper moves and some probate law and you'll be on Easy Street in no time.

tell that to your daughter one day.

bloopaloop 27

In this situation I will. My daughter will be more fun, more understanding of other people, and a lot more emotionally intelligent than to call this a real problem.

so uncalled for cat calling is emotionally intelligent?

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If they were young handsome men, you may not have blinked an eye. Even though they may have made you feel uncomfortable, it could've been worse. The important part is that you did something nice for your grandma and I'm sure she appreciated it.

Enjoy it now. God willing some day you’ll be my age (66). And then the wolf whistles and ogling won’t happen anymore. Most of the men there are unable to do anything anymore but enjoy the sights. Viagra or no Viagra. Geritol or no Geritol.

File a harassment report with the home your grandma lives in as well as with the police. The police probably wont do anything about it but it at least leaves a paper trail if you need it someday.

brenniman 10

#15 Seriously? Call the cops because some harmless old grand fathers whistled at her? That's more than extreme under those harmless circumstances and even the cops would find that to bawl about it and make them waste precious time over it to be sissy like and over done.

LOL. Literally takes a 10 minute phone call to the non emergency line to report harassment. As her grandma lives in that home, she probably would like to visit her without being harassed. Obviously you've never been in an uncomfortable situation like that and WHY THE **** WOULD YOU WANT HER TO HAVE TO POSSIBLY GO THROUGH THIS EVERY TIME SHE VISITS HER GRANDMOTHER YOU PILLOCK?

Just because they look harmless, doesn't mean they are harmless. The same way their age doesn't mean they should be left off the hook for behaving in a disgusting way.

bloopaloop 27

Nope. This is horrible reason to call the police. You’re a creator of problems where they don’t exist.

Sonotsuave 35

I’m sorry for that discomfort & I personally don’t agree with a lot of the comments. I don’t believe in taking extreme action against such old men but also that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate it or that it’s flattering or no big deal. You can voice your discomfort and make it clear to them or the facility you don’t want that kind of attention.

Plot twist: The soup was gazpacho and the slow clap was sarcasm