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By matte - 30/03/2009 12:16 - Australia

Today, whilst working at Subway, I took an order for 6 footlongs. The entire process took 15 minutes due to the customer's hesitant and glacial pace. When it came to paying, he pulled out his wallet, looked inside, looked at me, and walked quickly out of the store. FML
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you should have threw one of the subs at you get subway @ australia O.o

Lol. Yes, we also have T.V. And movies. And these neat little things called... D.. V..D's. Subbies been around for ages, they have it all over the world.... not the easiest place to work. I know because I was there every morning on the way to school. I'd hand over my lunch box and they would put the salad in my lunch box every day.... I was broke all the time, broke but healthy. Jessica

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he point of working is to get money so u can support urself... and the guy wasted his time were he could have been helpin a PAYING customer

Exactly. You know, the kind of paying customers that support the store so you can get paid. Some people are mental.

There is such a thing as a permanent wage. Her pay is not based on commission. Doesn't matter if she produced 1 sub or 100 subs in one hour, she'll still get the same wage. Unless she was the owner (however owners usually don't work on the line).

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wow... that really sucks at least now you'll have 6 footlongs for the next 6 customers!.... I guess...

That's not how it works. Each customer has to get an entirely new sandwich. You can't just recycle someone else's order.

you should have tried to stop him and called cops. esp if he took the sandwiches.

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Why? He didn't do anything to break the law. Yeah, it's a dick move, but it's not illegal.

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you don't have to pay If you don't take the sandwiches

wow he should of at least said sorry to waste your time

15 minutes for 6 subs? That's a record, dude. Anyway, I would have laughed so hard on that one. When he looked at the wallet and walked out, you should have went, "Ahh durrr!"

That's what I was thinking... when we get 5 people ordering, it takes us about 15 minutes to get all ours...

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#148 we do 50 in an hour. we're the biggest subway in the next few cities around

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Jesus, what a waste! I would have punched him. :/