By crudofalife - 04/07/2011 09:42 - United States

Today, while working as a cashier at McDonald's, a man came in telling me that he had not received his hamburger. I looked at his receipt and the date said 11/17/09. FML
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aren't McDonald's burgers 2 years old anyways?

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Give him a hamburger anyways. That crap is so cheep & he's probably some bum.


you should give him a 2 year old burger

well, then he doesn't get his hamburger, right?

well, then he doesn't get his hamburger, right?-

it doesn't really suck it's just retarded. oh and 11/17 is my birthday!!

aren't McDonald's burgers 2 years old anyways?

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it's my birthday too! plus how is this an FML? it doesn't really matter.

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YDI for working at McDonalds

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now that I think about it, I would walk into mcdonalds with a two year old receipt demanding that I never got my burger...

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maybe he got injured while waiting for his burger and went into a comma two years ago and just woke up from it and demanded his damn burger.

I've heard of going into a coma, but how does one enter a comma?

80 in your opinion. thanks for sharing.

you got thumbs down because not everybody is able to get a job as a doctor... Do you think Mcdonalds was his dream job or something?

because, xlost, you're a judgemental prick who shouldn't be handing out ydi's based on where they work

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xlost just because you have an opinion about the place doesn't entirely make it true.The world doesn't revolve around you, so yeah keep thinking that it does an post shit comments an we will see if you break the "thumbs" down record

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't America the place of opportunity. I somehow agree with xlosts, as you can go beyond McDonald restaurant as your job. Taking a university loan and studying a subject that will grant you employment. Do not tell me that a university loan is bad as I am having one and I consider it as an investment. Likewise, why is it an FML? OP can simply say that the receipt is too old and therefore he/she will not get their hamburger. What will the customer do? Complain to the manager that he showed two year old receipt and he did not get their food? OP will not get into trouble unless the McDonald manager is a complete idiot.

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Maybe after a few years of therapy you can recover from that life *******.

OP did you give him his hamburger.

19 thumbs up and still moderated? Damn Sirin, what did it say?

I don't get it. All OP has to do is look at the receipt and day no, right? I don't understand how this is an FML.

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Give him a hamburger anyways. That crap is so cheep & he's probably some bum.

Because they have a few hundred under the heat lamp

Okay let me tell you right now, I work at McDonald's, and everything we sell is 100% fresh. We get so much business that nothing gets the chance to be older than 5 minutes. Nothing.

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Sure, but that stuff is crap anyways; it's a disgrace they call it "hamburger".

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hamburgers r not that cheap these days dude

They're on the dollar menu. That's pretty cheap. -.-

38, Yes, I always love a good freshly frozen burger.

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if we didnt have burgers we wouldnt have fat kids if there were no fat kids we couldnt bully them if we didnt bully them they wouldnt complain :D

I love when I bite into a nice, dry McDonald's burger. The taste of stale pickles and day old meat satisfies my taste buds.

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So, did the man get his burger or what?!

F his life not yours... all the man wants is a hamburger!

Sure you weren't looking at the expiration date of the burgers you were selling? Leave it to Maccas.

Holy shit, #65, you're a ******* genius. Now if you were over the age of 10 you might have actually gotten the joke. Run back to your mother now before I flog yo ass.

That was the point that you say 'Sorry, this is invalid by a year and a half. Goodbye' and then get back to work.