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Today, I finished reading a book about the treatment of mental patients and decided to use some of the strategies on my dad. We've never gotten along better. FML
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Maybe next you should invest in a straight jacket.


1. Fail 2. noone cares 3. Either way, your comments getting moderated What exactly do you accomplish by being "1st"?

you get along, what's wrong with that? there's a lot of crazy people out there. trust me i know ;) but if you get along I don't see a problem

yeah, actually that doesnt mean hes mental at all. stragegies like that arent made for mental people, but for people that require more. these exercises would work on anyobe :) be glad you and your dad get along now

I think he means crazy like looking over his shoulder every 30 seconds because he hears "a voice", not crazy as in "dude.. dude, Im gonna, Im gonna jump, from this table.. to THAT table!" There aren't that many "crazy" people, just a lot. of idiots, I doubt you know that many schizophrenics..

no, I wouldn't. unless he works at a mental hospital. Id put money on it that most "crazy" people he knows are either just stupid or pretending to be crazy for attention, Ive seen plenty of both.

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24, three people in my family are schizophrenic; my dad, my sister, and my brother. I'd think again about not knowing many...

41. I said I know that there are lots out there, not that I know them all. :P reading comprehension ftw

So some people are affected by genetics I see, so are you implying that everyones family has 3 scizophrenics in it? Im sure there are some people who have several "crazy" people close to them, but most people don't know any seriously "crazy" people.

44, yeah I probably should've double checked that O_o I still stand by that not many people know lots of crazies though =P

well jack the ripper is in my bloodline if that counts.. I mean he only raped and killed around 60 people and nobody but my family knows his true name. is serial killing and mass rape considered crazy?

nope, he was probably smoking pot.. lord only knows what that devil's grass is capable of.. O_O

I thought no one knew who Jack the Ripper was...

bidsababe 1

I was think the same thing :D

fthislyfe 22

59: your grammar sucks... well, give me some of the instructions i should work on my dad too

56, it would make sense for the family to know, but I doubt hes serious.

56, it would make sense for the family to know, but I doubt hes serious.

IndiRae 9

63- **** off, they were probably typing fast and didn't realize, I do that a lot. You're the dipshit who can't capitalize when needed.

Whoever Dolphincheddar is, their profile clearly states not to take anything they say seriously. So I'll take that to mean Jack the Ripper isn't actually in their bloodline. Makes for a good story, though.

fthislyfe 22

74: at least i don't have grammar mistakes. and i have control on my temper. i think u need some of those treatments for mental patients too!

83. you never know ;) and thanks for stalking me :P

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87, you have 3 sentences there and no capital letters. Don't say you don't have grammar mistakes. By the way, "u" isn't a word at all. Ever. So if you're throwing words that don't exist into sentences, then yes, you are making grammar mistakes. I already know my grammar sucks.

^Once again, no one gives a single ****.

Fits so well with your picture haha

fthislyfe 22

#102: Shut up! It's called internet slang. I'm surprised how stupid someone (you, "u") can be. And capitalizing letters has nothing to do with grammar. You don't even know what grammar is. It's called punctuation and writing skills (which I'm very skilled at as you see). But grammar is the important thing here. They are changing the grammar! But not capitalizing doesn't harm the language! While bad grammar does. As you see, I'm very good at writing and punctuations. IN YOUR FACE IDIOT!

enonymous 8

Shit if I force fed my parents pills every 4 hours to keep the subdued We would get along just fine... I think this strategy can go well with marriage and first dates roo

heyyyy 117,,, isss thus the guud gramer?

well the attention thing is working for you

#87 Your grammar is much worse then his. #102 Sentences should not be started with the word "so". plis avoid dese gramur mustakes next taym

tweetbaby14 18

117, if your writing and punctuation skills are so great, you'd notice you should have put a comma between face and idiot. so.... IN YOUR FACE, IDIOT! :D

117- IN YOUR FACE, IDIOT. You suck ass at punctuation, and grammatically you are a retard. Way to talk yourself up all to get something wrong.

Sorry, didn't realize the guy above me said that. :)

well u think that bot everyone does so go **** urself asshole

c-c-c-combo breaker. Seriously thigh, who

24, it frustrates me when people seem to think they know so much about mental diseases. One: who are you to even call them crazy. Just shows how ignorant you are! Two: People don't just pretend their whole lives to be "crazy" and if they do then they have a legit mental issue.

I don't see why everyone is arguing about things completely unrelated to this comment. No one cares! Please go away.

... and not a single **** was given that day

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all these comments, are a little thing I like tk call, TROLLING


hmm maybe I should try this on my dad....

Let me fix that last sentence for you. "I should use it on my dad too."

87, "At least I don't have any grammar mistakes, and have control of my temper." Guess who just got "out-grammar-Nazi'd".

117, practice what you preach. If you are allowed to use slang terms and not capitalize words on the Internet, why can't others?

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You can help your uncle jack off a horse or help your Uncle Jack off a horse.

This is an FML? You and your dad have never gotten along better!

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they should test the 12 gauge shotgun barrel up the ass on mythbusters. This is what came to mind with the band camp rape

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Maybe next you should invest in a straight jacket.

I find your username a bit odd... ohboners.

Don't mean to freak anyone out but I know how to get out of handcuffs and a strait jacket. O_o

whats the secret? I only want to know about handcuffs...

23, the table reference sounds more like on drugs than crazy, but I guess you can be both

dammit that was for 24.. oh well. yea handcuffs are easy to get out of!

OMG!! Thats ******* FREAKY!!* *disclaimer; nothing stated above is anyones serious opinion, and is better taken as sarcasm.

yeah, just trying to draw the line between crazy and stupid (or drugged up).

28 was to 20, these comments are starting to confuse me.. posted that a while ago ..O_o

29, I was about to ask what that was supposed to mean haha. and it's not easy when the cops always put them on tight enough to nearly cut off circulation.. /:

mduffy08 8

I saw that on manswers! you have to let alot of slack when they put the strait jacket on you, so you can struggle out of it later...

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maybe you should shut the fu

Grammar, grammar, grammar. My ability to give a **** about it is immense. My dad's side of the family has schizophrenia and different mental disorders are linked to this disorder, like paranoia.

Shiiaattt thts sik man i need tht book lol

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haha that might mean something

Yeah, it might mean that the strategies in the book also work on people who don't actually have true developmental/psychological disabilities. Tips on how to deal with sudden outbursts, anger issues, and illogical conclusions, for example, can easily be applied to a lot of people.

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what book was it?? maybe this could help me too! :)

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I must read this book, the voices in my head and I don't get along well, and I've been questioning their sanity for a while now... I'm just happy that I'm normal.

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i wanna deliver one of these right to your suckhole (shows fist) just because of you picture

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At least you're getting along.