By Addison - 25/06/2012 00:28 - Canada - Kingston

Today, my sister was "sexting" her boyfriend over Apple messages. Since we share an iTunes account the messages appeared on my iPod. Apparently, he shouldn't be silly, and should wrap his willy. FML
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You should play with her messages...>:)

What did the next one say; don't be a dick, come here and lick


You should play with her messages...>:)

You should send something about wanting to fart in his face or using a strap on.

if you play with a message about sex, and masturbation is a form of sex, then technically wouldnt he be playing with his sister?

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I would use it as blackmail against your dad

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at least there weren't pictures! that'd be pretty messed up! or were there...?

Remember kids cover your stump before you hump!

Yes! Get his hopes up about having a threesome or something gross like farting in his face.

Aha that'd be funny, the boyfriend would proper get confused though xD I'm gonna presume you're either paraphrasing or just describing, because if she actually said that she's terrible at sexting x)

Lol she makes him put on a condom for sexting...

cyndiig 2

I now wonder if people who share my ITunes account can read my messages

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OP, well she's right he should.

What did the next one say; don't be a dick, come here and lick

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Haha I'm sorry this just made my morning:D can't stop laughin haha

Your sister got it all wrong. She should have said ”don't be a fool, wrap your tool!” Everyone knows that saying is much better!

I like the one that goes. Don't be a dummy, cum on her tummy.

Don't be a dummy, cum on my tummy! Edit: well damn, seems like I was beat by less than a minute.

Wear some latex so you don't get that "I'm late" text.

19 - Pull-out method alone doesn't work. Even if you have the patience and mental discipline of a Xaolin monk, precum still has some **** in it. Doesn't take much of it to conceive.

Aaaaand Buzz Killington makes an appearance!

MrsBruceWayne6 3

Cage your snake then shake and bake!

Wear that latex so you don't get that late text sayin "I'm late" text

Only a moron wouldn't wrap his hard-on Wait Deja Vu, this seems vaguely familiar as if this same type if thread was on another FML

^ Dude, there is a couple dozen threads filled with condom rhymes. Each jizzyer than the last.

No no no. Don't give her an infection with your affection put some protection on that erection

yoursucklives 36

well don't you think he should wear protection? anyway, i understand that you don't want to know about your sisters sexlife!

Hey you don't be silly put a condom on your willy yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah -Def Dames Dope