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Today, I found out that the 2 loud "firework booms" I heard were actually a guy shooting his dog on the unfinished road behind my house. FML
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gabirolon 1

wow did u reported him????!!!!????? that's sooooo f..ed up!!!!


his wife's name is dog? and why an unfinished road? I like to shoot people where everyone can see

how could it be f the dogs life when the dog no longer has a life stickybuns :)

How does this **** your life exactly?

In what language does dolphincheddar = retarded? It would be great if it was French, I've got some French people that need an insult...

you call me retarded yet your profile pic is the oilers? hmm alright. I guess I'll be insulted if they actually win a game

I been seein the cheddar a lot lately, causin a ruckus wherever he been. What're y'all think y'all's a doin? Bein like that with you're winking dog and such.

114 - at least one person realizes... lol

yummycupkake 0

pause..I heard "firework booms" last night too! there's an unfinished sidewalk a few blocks away lol does that count?

itsgen 16

dolphinchedder, people like you are the **** tards of fml.

CateXOX 0

Guys, quit taking Cheddar so seriously. His jokes may not be funny to you, but I really hope you all realized he wasn't actually being serious.

mduffy08 8

hey cheddar, your profile picture sucks ass. mine totally kicks your ass!

224- I don't think you've seen his other comments. He's fricken hilarious, unlike you...

251, that's a pretty badass pic, you've got me beat

scarppy 0

maybe the dog winking got shot

Don't you dare remind of that book! The feels, the feels are coming! :(

asoptavlo14 6
qyka 5

now that would b an appropriate fml. right bow it's the dogs fml, or fdl.

What the **** are you saying? I can't speak retarded.

thtsuxs 0

you must mean " I don't speak retard" languages don't come in past tense "I don't speak enlished" see...its funny because you typed in retard

kiefenator 0

learn to spell, and stop trolling on fml. honestly, I hate people that spell like first graders.

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BigWiggly 0

Remove? Why wouldn't the OP consume it. One day old is practically fresh.

MerrikBarbarian 9

not in this heat. in the winter sure, but summer no

That1GuyUNo 0

well it would be the right thing to do, if you wanna be a good neighbor you should eat the dog for him, so its easy disposale.

turkishjew 0

there is so much wrong with that

yeh sweety their obviously not smart enough because they haven't shot a stupid heartless pathetic bitch like you.. I think your father should have grown some nuts before he shoved his dick in ya mum and had a child like you. Grow the **** up and understand that animals will always be the last innocent souls standing, it's people like you that my job damands the law to be put on deathrow.

gabirolon 1

wow did u reported him????!!!!????? that's sooooo f..ed up!!!!

symplyme 1

I agree with you report his sorry ass

You can't report someone for doing something that's not illegal. Shit, are you people sheltered? When animals are hurt or sick, they have to be put down sometimes. Quit acting like 5 year olds over it.

lilai1396 0

We do not know that the dog was sick. That was not mentioned, so maybe he was just shooting his dog because it was "bad".

actually captain it is illegal. dogs have to be put down at a shelter. with the injection. killing them with a gun in your back yard can put a person in jail for 4-6 months

HU4L188 0

shooting your dog is illegal... if its hurt u take it to the vet fucktard

I stand corrected. And 55, that is the dumbest ******* thing I've ever heard. You're saying it's okay to assume the neighbor did it to be an ass but not to assume he had a reason. Ideally you wouldn't make any assumptions but no, you're small mind has to jump to conclusions and become entrenched in it's own little idea.

I guess we know why it's captainDOUCHE

58- Not much point in taking it to the vet if you know what's wrong with it. Dipshit. I don't know about you but most people don't have the money to spend on a vet of all things. Over something like putting down your dog.

While I disagree with the way you got it across, I do agree with your point Cap'n. Trips to the vet are pretty expensive, and I would feel better knowing that I was the one putting him down. More of a chance to say goodbye, and all that sentimental sad shit. :|

smileyysss 0

true, for this, I would call the cops!!!!!!!

I would rather end my dogs life than hand him to a vet and recieve the corpse when he's done. It would mean more to me, pesronally.

120, poor people are selfish because they can't afford to have their dog properly put down? 1. either way, the dogs dying.. 2. not everyone has a few hundred $ laying around so some "specialist" can put a needle into their dog for the same result... That being said, he may also have some problems.. assuming OP found out because he left the dog on the road, a mentally stable person would probably bury it somewhere I think

CaptinObvious467_fml 2

Im with captin on this. Everyone is going PETA on us normal people. My old man was a cop and he would tell me stories about this sort of thing. Now here let's put these things into perspective. A man owns a pit bull. It attacks him and bites off his nose. Now this man naturally got his gun and shot the dog. Now would you rather have a dangerous animal around or have it die a painless instant death. Now say yoyr dog is old. Instead of letting some stranger do what you could do yourself faster cheaper and less painfully wouldn't you take care of it your self. As the old man on of mice and men once said. "I should have shot my own dog."

In most places there are laws against shooting in residential, business, and construction areas or within certain distance of any roadway.

ReynshineCutting 10

Seriously? If a dog is dying or trying to kill someone it's absolutely within someones right to shoot it. The law making it illegal is just another prime example of this country going to shit. People do it all the time and it's not hurting anything. I'm proud to be a country girl because at least us country people have a sense of logic.

152, you called people who couldn't afford a vet "selfish pieces of shit"... by your logic: option 1: shoot the dog, lose dog. option 2: sell gun, have dog put down, lose gun AND dog. hmmmmmm...

chaoticnh 0

a simple solution is to give it to the pound, thats free and ponds put down dogs they can't sell. the reason you can't shoot your dog, is because there's ****** up people that would do this maliciously, and not for the dog.

clarkie007 0

you are all retards making assumptions based one one sentence, yes it is illegal to shoot a gun within certain areas, in NY state you must be so many yards away from a road and your own house, granted it different in different states but it does not matter why the dog was shot, the guy should be reported regardless and I'm sure it was because the dog was out of control or's a FML get over it people and get a life

MerrikBarbarian 9

depends where you live. the humane society here actually told me to shoot my neighbors animals if they continued to be a problem on my property and the neighbor wasn't collecting them

A7X_LoVeee 10

I could never shoot my own pet. On a side note..poor people shouldn't own pets or have babies for that matter..

in some county's it's illegal to shoot a gun at anything.

pinkelephunk 0

I feel like today's society care more about a dog than a human.

clarkie007 0

203........ ur a grammar nazi obviously and that dosen't make anything I said less intelligent, like I said before get a life.

There's a big difference between a dog being put down by injection and being shot. Remember here that there were two shots, implying that the first one didn't work. If you think your terrified pet looking up at you for help as it struggles to breathe with half its face blown off is the same as an injection, well then **** you.

That's pretty sick that you'd rather shoot your dog and have him suffer than take him to the vet to get euthanized where he wouldn't suffer at all. In case you weren't aware vets do let you sit in when they put them down, I did it with my last dog who passed. Anyone that can shoot their dog is a disgusting human being and has no respect for any animal!

it doesn't cost a few hundred to euthanize a dog... our vet charged 45$ the last time we had to put our dog down. Pets are like kids, if you can't afford kids don't buy a pet because they both cost money... duhhhhhh!

259 when u said pets were like little kids I thought u were going to say something about lethally injecting a kid!

141 - if you're too poor to have your dog properly taken care of, you shouldnt of had the dog in the first place.

goldhighways 0

not all vets are expensive....and if you're going to be a pet owner you should know the costs that come with it... I live in a fairly big city and my vet doesn't charge family has been going to him for over 10 years now and if we ever had a sick pet and he took care of them at his clinic and they died/needed to be put down it was free.....the most we've ever paid for anything there was about 70$

Illyssa_fml 4

#135 Why would you receive the corpse after taking it to the vet to put it down? Sick freak! And I definitely agree that he should've taken the dog to the vet..when my dog died they gave me some time with him so I can say goodbye and all that..he wasn't put down, but still...I would have never done anything like that That! Who does that shit?

gabe2014 0

I'm sorry 58 but I have to point this out. if you owned a dog that bit you would you walk up to it, put a leash on it, put it in your car, and drive to the vet? he'll no I wouldn't! you know why? because I don't take unnecessary risks.

well a couple of months ago I was with the vet putting my dog down. I held her there as he did it, and I got to tell her bye. it was pretty personal, so stfu

RawrNom 0

141- don't have a dog, if you can't afford vet bills. the five freedoms state that you have to have rapid diagnosis and treatment fo your pet and also keep your animal free from pain and distress. You are selfish if you shoot your dog, as what if it doesn't die instantly? that poor animal would be in pain and terrified and wondering why the hell is his master, someone he loves, hurting him or her. besides, that dog might not have been ill, the owner may just be cruel. either way, shooting is not the answer. and, having had one of my own dogs put to sleep, due to cancer, my vet charged just £80, and that was with scans and pain meds. you could look around, and most vets allow you to pay weekly or such. I understand some people shoot animals, such as farmers, but not pets. that's cruel.

please, name those countries for us. smart ass.

rmeyer6 0

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your a cruel piece of shit have a heart once in a while

KaylieBieber13 0

what if it was ur mom then would u say oh sucks to be my mom you haertless piece of shit:(

Wish it was you.atleast the dog would be useful unlike you.

I think they mean shooting them in a place they didn't think there would be any people near. So yeah it is smart of them and yeah it does suck for the dog. That may seem uncaring but for me I don't tear up whenever one of my animals dies or has to be put down because I live on a farm and that happens alot so I'm used to it and it doesn't affect me all that much. Think of it this way, you hear a great uncle that you never met dies, most likely you'll say something like "oh that's awful/sad/terrible" it's not like you knew them or were attached to them hence it isn't as tragic to you.

I agree 5. you're not a heartless piece of shit I would do the same...maybe not in an alley but if my dog is gonna be put down I'm not spending 200 bucks to do it. stupid ******* animal lovers saying you should be shot

rmeyer6 0

exactly what I meant. obviously I dont want the dog to die. but if the shot fooled you to think it was a firework, then it probably fooled the police too

dancin145 0

wtf that's not smart? a dog is a being and deserves better. poor doggy:(

you heartless bastard. dogs are precious. maybe you need to take some lessons on sympathy/empathy/apathy.

your a cruel bastard that doesn't have a heart. what of it was something you lived huh?

I love how people care more about animals than humans these days...

Right!!? People care more about mistreated animals than starving and abused kids. You cry baby, spoiled pre teens are the ****** up ones.

jillianmathers12 13
noeyolivia 0

that's shit. I wish the dog shot him!

every1luvsvag 10

The dog was probably sick, dipshit. Would you rather your dog have a quick, painless death, or suffer for a while? **** you, you childish rimjob.

I would take it to the vet, I tend not to shoot the things I love.

CateXOX 0

185- That's a big assumption to make

If the guy gave a shit about the dog, he wouldn't have left its mutilated body in the middle of a road like a bag of garbage. I'm just saying.

how does this **** your life exactly?

A7X_LoVeee 10

What a sick piece of shit. I hope karma catches up to him REAL quick.

grizzly260 0

Rabies, snake bite, bad injury, all valid reasons to shoot a dog. Much more humane way to end a friend's life than watching some stranger inject a painful chemical cocktail into something that's trusts you and has been a faithful companion. I would rather have a friend shoot me; wouldn't you?

A7X_LoVeee 10

No. I wouldn't be able to kill my pet.

i wonder if what i heard outside last night was actually just gun fire..o_O

Or cannonballs. like in the patriot o.o

A7X_LoVeee 10

Or was really fireworks...

SO MUCH NEGATIVITY no one gets my humour :(

Wow, what a sick, twisted person. He deserves whatever he gets.

my neighbor at my old house did that once, and I called the cops on him pronto.

why does everybody get all worked up about other people's business? if he was screaming and running around his house with an assault rifle, sure, call the cops, but he was putting down his ******* dog. Seems like everyone just has to be an inconvenience for everyone else.. Hes not endangering anyone, your just assuming he shot it out of cold blood..

CateXOX 0

146- You don't know he was "putting him down", he might really just be a heartless, mental ****.