By squizzlebee - United Kingdom - York
Today, I went out for drinks to mark the end of my current job. I invited all my colleagues to join me so I could say goodbye to them all. I even changed the date to a day that suited more people and the location to a place I knew they all preferred. Only one person showed up. FML
squizzlebee tells us more :
Holy wow, I never expected this to get published! Thanks for all your comments, they're both making me laugh and appreciate what I do have :) Just for a bit of clarification, I worked in a clothing store and we'd see a fair few people come and go over time, and whenever one of us left (especially if they'd been there for longer than a year) there'd usually be some kind of informal gathering at a local bar to see them off. I'd been there for coming up to two years so I was hoping for a bit more of a turn out, but obviously people are busy with their own stuff! (The Brexit comments made me laugh :P) I did end up having a nice time with the one girl who showed up, she was one of the ones I felt was more of a friend than a colleague and so it was a rather nice evening overall :) And yes I do have a somewhat better job lined up so all good in the end really!
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By  almost_there44  |  26

I didn't know people threw parties for leaving a job. I'm thinking and hoping you got a better job. Anyway OP, don't take it to heart. Maybe your co-workers had something better to do than celebrating you leaving a job they're still stuck at. It may seem harsh, but that's my only guess. Have fun with that one friend.

  AverageAvarice  |  23

We throw parties when medical professionals leave, especially if they are going on a medical mission. It really depends what you do. If you work in a professional setting where your job is your title, people tend not to burn bridges. They also understand a change in environment is sometimes for betterment of skills and knowledge, not just better pay or co-workers. Same also goes in the corporate world as you may need to collaborate in the future.

By  MitiMiki  |  16

Unless you regularly socialized with your coworkers outside the office, I don't see why you would expect them to show up just because you are leaving the company.