By pass_the_tp - 13/01/2010 02:57 - United States

Today, I was at the movie theatre. I went to the bathroom, and was about to wipe my butt when I realized that where the toilet-paper dispenser should have been, there was a large hole. The woman in the next stall waved. FML
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Well, she did say the woman was "smiling". LOL

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for the last time. women don't dispose there waste like men do!! the just absorb all there energy and focus it into ruining things guys love. such as espn, driving, the beatles, shopping.. you get the picture.

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and you didn't notice this earlier how?

AMC emeryville California right? I hate that stall

#96 I'm pretty sure it's a brenden theater. At least AMC here in my area is nice.

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I'm sure your next step was asking if she had any paper?

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How do you not realize this before you sit down

^This. Isn't there a phrase: "look before you sit" or something like that?

what if she was in such a hurry she had to take a dump in the nearest sanitary happens to everyone?

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@#29 I agree completley. However, I honestly don't use public bathrooms. I always go before I leave home, except if it's an emergency then I will. But I'll examine it to make sure its clean.. and I'll put TP on the seat.

You're weird nikki. I disagree with your points in other threads and while you're of course welcome to your own opinion, I find it hard to believe that you think ******** your own pants is the less offensive outcome. You just seem to have a really bizarre, introverted view on life. Yes, this is a personal attack. Die in a fire.

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# 29 I totally agree! I always look to make sure I have toilet paper. I also put toilet paper on the seat before I sit so I don't sit in piss and I don't sit on the contaminated seat thousands of butts have been on. I understand if the OP had to go REALLY bad, but if she didn't she should have looked!

Roobear, she makes perfect sense. Does it make you feel better to spend your time "personally attacking" people you don't know?

C'est "Look before you leap" en Anglais.

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i thought this was so funny!! but how did u not see the hole in the first place?!

lmao this made me laugh you should have ask her for paper. if she didn't have any then you guys could have chat till some worker came with paper. hey she was friendly enough to wave lol it could have been the start of a preaty frienship xD

Yeah, let's make friends with people who wave at us through holes in bathroom stalls :D