By ToiletRoll - 29/03/2015 12:49 - Australia - Frankston

Today, I was in a public restroom taking a poop and as I started unrolling the toilet paper, the whole roll fell off the handle and rolled out underneath the cubicle door. I heard somebody laugh at me. Nobody helped. FML
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Squat and waddle. Hope for the best.

Could you not pull it back in with the end you had hold of?


Could you not pull it back in with the end you had hold of?

Maybe OP was flipping the roll to get to the side with the beginning of the paper but then as they were rolling it in that way it fell off

They could at least still pull only what was needed and take care of business...

If they pull it could just rip though and then he'd be left with nothing. Hope he was able to get what he needed.

Do you really want to use toilet paper that had been all over the floor of a public bathroom? Gross. Just there those underpants out after. Haha.

Squat and waddle. Hope for the best.

Tomgirl_Julie 19

Looks like you're in a "shitty" situation

It only took 3 comments for this to happen? Really? Go stand in a corner and think about what you just did!

How are people even still trying to use this pun?

Reminds me of a time when I was out of toilet paper in an airplane bathroom

Hopefully there was a new roll around somewhere for you to use!

You still had toilet paper, what did you expect people to help you do?

No, OP no longer had the toilet roll, it rolled away and hoped the person who laughed would give it back. Or anyone.

Shit happens..

Really? You're really going to attempt that comment?

That's so evil.

that sounds like a pretty shitty situation :p

Your joke is overused.