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Today, I drove 45 min from my college to surprise my girlfriend with roses after she got off work. She responded by taking the roses, dumping them in her back seat, and speeding off because she couldn't miss Survivor. FML
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juybuygo 13


You definitely shouldn't have tried to compete with Survivor.

Well to be on her side it was the end and they were announcing the winner. But that still sucks for op.

Xly_fml 5

It wasn't even a good finale... I mean, Sophie won. Come on.

^ I know right. I also hated how Coach bs'd the whole "honor ad integrity" shit. It's impossible to win the game without backstabbing at least one person. He ended up backstabbing like 10.

mintyfroyo 0

Cochran ? That dorky wimp ? He betrayed his whole ******* team !

Omg yes 109! Seriously he was like the unlikeable nerd.

Steel_BZ 8

Yes she was. That show sucks.

juybuygo 13
Isaac_The_Man 0

I tried to take my parents out last night, when we sat down she heard people talk about it being on tonight. She left me the bill and an expensive bottle of wine...

Andr913 13

27-No he shouldn't have. Redemption Island is a terrible twist and it voids his credibility as a player. Sophie deserved it fair and square.

I didn't care for any of the finalists. Good season though!

apparently it's up to its 23rd or something season... kept hearing survivor panama island ads on tv when i was a kid x) i've only seen redemption :P

Sophie was a bitch. On a separate note, doesn't ozzy REALLY look like captain jack sparrow?

I was actually so pissed when Coach didn't put Ozzy through. Damn you BENJAMIN.

A7X_LoVeee 10

I didn't like Ozzy this season. Oh and... * FUN FACT TIME* Did you know Ozzy did ****? Don't believe me? Google Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth playboy. BAM.

BrownEyes97 1

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Shit, I drive 45 one way into work. And I bet most people drive that and then some! I'd be pissed about the roses! Those are expensive!

BrownEyes97 1

I hadn't thought about the roses thing, it's an excellent point.

brick_man33 14

sounds like you relationship should be on "survivor" how long will it last?

KiddNYC1O 20

Me too, 30. Another 45 minutes with traffic and another 30 looking for parking on bad days.

bfsd42 20

Clearly u have no sex life dude with a pic like that.

RouletteRed 6

Dick move, but really good show. Still I advise to find someone who has bigger priorities in life then a new episode. Good luck :)

jillianmathers12 13

Survivor is beast! You should have made sure she didn't have anything to do that night before you went!

EvilTwerp 12

Then it wouldn't be a surprise.

jillianmathers12 13

He could of casually asked what she was doing later?

Ya and if it was the other way around there would be hell to pay

Yeah I'm not gonna lie it is a great show but nowadays you can record tv on a Dvr

flockz 19

sounds like your flame was put out.

Lights_Out_fml 6

Survivor is the shit bro. But she should've at least said thankyou and asked for you to watch it with her

yumlicious 4

Or like a normal human being being of the 21century she could DVR/TiVo her shows.

Ha. I did that for my boyfriend once. I drove 3 hours home to see him only for him to tell me he would rather see his friends and would not see me.

ikickgingers 15

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays... Buy the bish a DVR...

ikickgingers 15

Bow down bish!! it's the same thing ya effing chode...

flockz 19

i hate it when someone gives me an ungrateful go. people say i play Monopoly too much. but you know what i say? if i go around an entire block, then i expect my $200 when i turn the Go corner. if someone doesn't give me my money, they need to go to jail, which is why i have 911 on speed dial. they should be more grateful that i don't sue them for all they're worth.