By Anonymous - 21/01/2012 10:45 - Russian Federation

Today, I got home from my 6-week vacation. Apparently, my mum cleaned my room for me while I was gone because my vibrator was neatly tucked into my blanket, next to my pillow instead of being hidden under my bed. FML
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She was just trying to shake things up a bit!

Well I don't think OP felt her "good vibes."

At least her mom didn't throw the chemistry assignment papers OP had spent 6 months on like all the other FML moms. . . js.

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Those were good puns but i bet I can top them... VIBRATOR

I think I would internally combust of embarrassment if that happened to me. Sorry Op

I actually don't think this is that bad. Obviously her mom didn't freak out. And, hey, now she doesn't have to hide it! Not to say it isn't painfully embarrassing, but what's done is done.

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Well that sucks! ..... Awkward ...

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She was just making it ready for your arrival!

Oh it does suck? I didn't think it would cause its on FML...

Six week vacation and then coming home to an organized room? Yea your life is shit buddy

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This comment sent vibrations down my spine...

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It's more like a vibraty situation........ No? Alright

hoped she didn't get charged with BATTERY

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The **** is going on in this thread?

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Are we all stating ridiculously cheesy jokes?

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Yes. I'm sure her own mother took her vibrator for a ride.

Moving out any time soon? Six week must be a grown up by now if you can afford that. Time to cut the cord.

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Not all necessarily. The hitachi magic wand is known as the cadillac of vibrators, and it has to be plugged in. :P

58- how you know this information makes me feel very uncomfortable.... *shuffles away slowly*

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Russian culture is such that it is not unusual for children to live with parents into their twenties. This isn't America, where people are for some inexplicable reason expected to throw their children out as soon as they reach legal age.

105 - I've got a boyfriend who lives on another continent. Girl's gotta get her rocks off somehow. :P

@111 or you can always get a boyfriend thats not in another continent? Just saying...

Yeah I should totally dump my boyfriend just because the distance means I can't have sex with him regularly. Whatever, dumbass.

I didnt mean it in a bad way..... I can now see why you have a "Boyfriend" in another continent. Have a good day.

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Absolutly agree, there are plenty of countries where it's totally normal to go on living with its parents long after 18. For me it's normal that around 20yo kids want to get some independance but to think that they 'have' to move out is a bit strange... My family is more about helping and suporting eachother wich for us includes leaving with parents until you have enouth means to live well on your own. But it goes both way and and we are not considered as bothers. In some other culture you just don't quit home before getting married and in some other you go on living with parents after the wedding. And also you don't really know about OP situation so you can't judge her about still be living with her mom

The reason kids in America are thrown out of their parents houses as soon as they reach legal age is because kids in America are rude little ***** and parents don't want to deal with the disrespect that their kids give them anymore then they have too. And from what I've gathered in my time as a teen reaching the legal age teens are tired of parents rules and want to live life their way.

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Omg hahaha I love this comment haha 111

#170. Just because shows like Jersey Shore and Toddlers and Tiaras and other general crap show American children/young adults being spoiled little ass wipes doesn't mean we all are. Not everyone grew up with thousands of dollars to waste on their children so they would win some stupid pageant. Stop being a stereotypical jerk please. Sincerely, The Good Americans

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Sounds like she had a good time too

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You must be really lonely and co dependent to 'tuck in' a vibrator.

She didn't tuck it in, her mom did. If you read the FML properly instead of rushing to the comments, you would see that she said she left it under her bed before leaving.

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I was talking about her Mom tucking it in. Feel as smart as you did a minute ago?

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If I was referring to the poster, it would say OP. It was a generalized statement.

Well in that case, maybe you should've worded it properly. Saying "to tuck in your vibrator" is different from saying "for your mom to tuck in your vibrator". The former implied possession, (the vibrator was OP's, as you know) and the latter did otherwise. Do I need to continue, or do you get it?

tuppencej777 0

You must be really bored to continue to try and prove your false interpretation of what I wrote. Generalized statements are not specific to anyone. Do you tuck in your vibrator, and sing it lullabies? You must have pretty low self-esteem to go onto a website and try to correct other people, and demand that they be more specific to satisfy your own confusions and possible embarrassment.

Ooh, getting touchy are we? I will admit I am mildly bored, it being a rainy Saturday morning and such. But that has nothing to do with me correcting. I merely suggested that you use better wording. I apolooze for coming off as rude originally, but my self esteem is fine, thanks.

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30, 8 said " tuck in a vibrator," not " tuck in YOUR vibrator." So no, it isn't possessive, you're just an asshole.

tuppencej777 0

Well the point is proven because 'you' can't be the OP, because like you understood, she didn't tuck it in. What I wrote also states 'a' vibrator, again not specific. If I would have wrote 'your' vibrator then it would be a possessive of the OP. So 'you' is anyone. Anyone that tucks in 'a' vibrator. Anyone that tucks in a vibrator is codependent and lonely in my opinion. So do you (yes, YOU) get it?

My bad, my bad. No need for name calling. I think we're all allowed our asshole-ish moments, aren't we? ;)

tuppencej777 0

Sure. You, and anyone else that thumbs down my comment can enjoy your asshole-ish moment together. :)

I want to be a part of this argument too!

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46, yes we do, and I have many of my own. For the most part, I just wanted you to see what 8 was trying to say.

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Instead of saying "you must", the proper grammar is "one must". This makes this comment much more understandable, and therefore the pointless argument even more pointless.

Listen, # 8 is right. Just because you didn't get it doesn't mean you have the right to give him an English lesson.

Although I do think he could have said "one must" instead of "you must".

Her mom just wanted to clean her room, that's all. Her mom doesn't have to be lonely to tuck it in...

I like the way you put things. Very blunt.

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You enjoyed your vacation, she enjoyed your vibrator, that sounds like a win-win to me!

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you shoulda locked your door and not left your room a mess. and you dont know her parents could have paid for her trip.

Most rooms can't be locked from the outside and some don't lock at all.

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There are locks that lock both sides (knob on inside, key on outside), but they are pricy. I had one on my room til I could get away from an abusive, alcoholic parent.