By psychoticbiatch - 8/4/2012 13:58 - Australia - Perth
Today, it's my 30th birthday. I was having a great night until I overheard my mother say, "I can't believe that thing made it to 30." FML
No, it wasn't at either of our houses it was at my brothers house, so no, I'm the only 30yr old "thing" there
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JUST disrespectful? I would say that OP's mom is a cold and heartless bitch. I don't even know why OP's mom was around if she was just going to insult him.

19 - So why are you commenting on the second comment?

  Jezlovespink  |  5

Never too harsh sounds like the right treatment except youll be too harsh on those poor employers who work there who would have to deal with her fucked up insensitive bitchy ass....sorry CNA people for leaving their crazy asses for you to deal with lol but at.least they get paid good for it!!!

By  DaniPandi  |  22

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  Llamassss  |  21

4 is just saying that since OP's username is, Psychoticbiach, that maybe the OP is a psychotic bitch and not undeserving their mother's rude comment.

Though, I'm sure, the username is just made up for the FML and is directed towards the mother.

  DaniPandi  |  22

Guys, really? It's the name. You don't need to be mean little trolls out to make people sad. It's annoying. The name OP put is psychoticbiatch. Interpret it how you like.

  Jezlovespink  |  5

Kick her ass out and say I cant believe your pyscotic annoying old hag fart ass made it being alive for this long knowing your a cold bitch I thought u would end up in jail or dead because of your loud mouth no one can deal with your bullshit too bad no one has done anything about it but one day some one will give you what you deserve thanks mom have an amazing lonely life bye cunt!!!! ill live another wonderful many years to come without you in my life!!!