By leilei - 30/11/2010 00:25 - Philippines

Today, I refused to ride with a friend on a motorcycle because it is unsafe and went to take the bus. As I got off the bus, I got hit by a speeding motorcycle and ended up in hospital. FML
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DaveOnDope 4

My thought exactly. I'd rather have a few bags of food between my knees than OP freaking out behind me.

what would make this even more ironic would be if it was you're friend on the bike and he was wearing a tuxedo and a top hat....ok I lied about the tuxedo and top hat

how does a bike hit you if you were getting off at a bus stop?

Mr_Zachary 0

because she probably exited, then walked in front of the stopped bus into the road to cross like a ******* idiot, which would make it her fault... if that is the case. f the l of the biker and just plain f the op.

Mr_Zachary 0

maybe some asshole drove too fast and the impact of the hit knocked her off her feet?the driver probably got hurt too

TheDrifter 23

Most often the tire will not gain enough traction to drag a person under, assuming a square hit. Most likely it was a glancing blow as the rider tried to avoid op walking into traffic.

#36 - How could you possibly have such a poor grasp of the most mundane concepts? What's the motorcycle supposed to do, run harmlessly up and over them like Evel Knievel jumping 22 nuns?

Motorbikes are unsafe...? Ever been to Vietnam? See how many bikes there are there? And see how Vietnam has a lower road-accident count than the US?

Motorbikes aren't themselves unsafe. But when you ride them along with regular cars and trucks, then it becomes unsafe. The reason Vietnam is so much safer to ride a motorbike is because there are less cars there.

#35 - because OP is in the Philippines, and stuff there works differently from stuff where you are.

Mikkagandahan 4

Yeah motorcycle drivers here in the Philippines are definitely the worst. I got hit by a drunk motorcyclist before. ON THE SIDEWALK. WTF :p And it was only in the afternoon. OP, were you along Commonwealth Ave.? The killer highway? :p

Marcella1016 31

So um was the motorcyclist ok?

This only proves your point...somewhat.

Well it couldn't have just been anyone.. I bet it was her "friend"

I see where you're coming from. I don't trust motorcyles simply for the fact that there's nothing around you to protect you when you're going 100 plus miles per hour. Just the thought terrifies me.

well shit woman don't do 100mph then :)

you do realize there's safety equipment for motorcycles, right?

Yes Medfly. But what if you get rear-ended? Or side swiped? It makes sense, considering how people underestimate the size of motorcycles. It'll probably be an instadeath for you if you get hit while on a motorcycle.

TheDrifter 23

I've been hit by a drunk driver while riding a motorcycle. Sure it hurts, but I'd rather be tossed than crushed by a collapsing roof or drowned in a ditch trapped in a little tinfoil econobox of a car.

RedPillSucks 31

All but two of my friends who have been in motorcycle accidents have either died or had limbs removed. Being tossed is not so great if you're tossed into a rock or a tree. The problem with motorcycles is that even a low speed accident can be really bad. It doesn't matter how good a cyclist you are, any moron on the road can cause a life threatening accident for you. At least in a car, it takes most of the damage, as long as you're wearing seatbelts/using airbags. There's a reason nurses call motercyclists "Donorcycles"

c8750 2

The problem usually with motorcycles is not the person riding it but the other assholes on the road who don't pay attention to the motorcyclist

If ur scared of bikes stay the hell away but don't preach to the motorcycle community about how safe they are. I've been in 2 accidents, both involving the car drivers and their stupidity. Since those incidents every time a driver is texting or talking on the phone while driving, I knock on the window and tell them to to hang up. The ones that refuse get dented doors or ball bearings in the radiator. Stupid nonchalant, irresponsible drivers who think cuz you're in a car and its no big deal, its safe, nothings gonna happen if I text a little, Screw you! I don't get on my bike everyday for u reckless asses to try to kill me.

I don't text or call while driving but it already happened for personnal reasons( death in family,car accident,etc.). i wouldn't hung up if someone ask me to and you'd be dead if you damage my car!

i have 3 doors and 1 car immobilized in the past 7 years. I'm not hunting for cars to destroy, and most people are understanding and compliant with what I'm asking for. Some even apologetic, but every now and then someone decides to be a prick and well...

sublime420 11

#60, What a coincedence! Whenever i see a car with one of those obnoxious yellow "Share the Road" stickers, I take a baseball bat to the windshield. Small world, eh?

So 63 you advocate murder over personal responsibility? Cool. I wouldn't dent your door, but if your dumb ass cuts me off I can promise you you'd be having a conversation with me and my club brothers in a short time frame.

58 You just made my day. FINALLY someone understands.

Loveyou6611 20

the classes you take to obtain your license teach you ways to avoid it, and yes bad things happen but motorcycle and plane accidents are more public making it look more dangerous. Plus responsible motorcyclist are not going 100 plus especially not with a passenger.

bamagrl410 31

So your friend is paying the hospital bill right? Haha jk it couldn't been anyone. The image of this event is somewhat funny though.

I love this photo you have. great pose.

Mr_Zachary 0

... lol. i won't say it because i don't have to.

bamagrl410 31

Could've* Damn you iPhone for automatically changing my words...

hey kinda like my username :)....anyway, OP I hope you get better, motorcycles are fun though!

BeRealz 0

Grow some balls. FYL, because your parents never bothered to give you an lesson about "Everyday you take a risk, by moving a muscle."

Exactly, some people are too afraid to have fun because they think it's too 'risky'.

RedPillSucks 31

sigh.... It's not about having fun. I know riding a motorcycle is almost as good as sex, some say better. The problem is that no matter how good a rider you are, you're gonna get ******, and not in a good way, by someone elses mistake. This might be fine when you're single, but when you've got a family to support, it's almost irresponsible. Live fast and die young is useless when the people you're supporting are counting on you.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

I agree, RedPill. My old roomate has a seven and an eight year old, and he ended up getting a street bike. It pissed a lot of people off because it IS irresponsible when you have a family and children to worry about. What if something happens?